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Compiling FreeOrion under Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft

Dependent Packages/Libraries

Just about all of the dependent packages were easy to install (all except for FMOD, which I'll get to later) - I just used Synapic Package Manager to search for the following packages (because I like using a GUI, as opposed to a command line, which also ensures I get the most up-to-date packages):

  • scons
  • freetype2
  • boost
  • bcp
  • log4cpp
  • devil
  • libsdl (and its associated dev package, libsdl-dev)
  • libsdl-mixer (and its associated dev package, libsdl-mixer-dev)
  • graphviz

Synapic was smart enough to detect that a few of those packages had dependencies of their own (like devil), and download and install those as well.

Downloading the source

The Compile page recommends using this code:

svn co freeorion

Unfortunately, I didn't have a SVN client installed on my system to start with, so I went to the subversion site, and grabbed the latest stable release, v1.1.4-2 from a linked site here. Thankfully, it came in a convenient .deb package, so all I had to do was install it, and then run the above command in the console, and I was good to go. Once it downloaded, I extracted it, and installed Gigi.

Installing GiGi

This was quick and painless - I just navigated to ~/freeorion/FreeOrion/GG (that was on my system - yours will probably be different) in the terminal, ran "scons" then "sudo scons install" and that was that.


FMOD I had a lot of trouble with; I couldn't find it in Synaptic, so I downloaded both v3.75 and the newer one, v4.06.11. I navigated to the 4.06.11 folder in the terminal and ran "sudo make install", which installed all of the necessary libraries to my /usr folder, and I manually edited the SConstruct, SConscript, and chmain files according to the Compile page, and tried running "sudo scons install", but that didn't work - it didn't detect FMOD at all. I tried it again, this time using v3.75. Note that you can't install this version to your /usr directory automatically - either copy the files into the appropriate directories in your /usr folder or run the command the Compile page recommends (just remember to change the directories in the command to where you unpacked v3.75). Even after I did all that, it still didn't work, so I just followed the instructions on disabling it on the Compile page. In the IRC channel, GeofftheMedio was good enough to point out that I could simply use OpenAL instead.


I still have to see if this works. ;)