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Attribute Picks

  • These are picks that give species different mechanics that are more than a bigger or smaller number.


  • All picks in this category are mutually exclusive.


  • Normal
    • Needs better name to distinguish them from Photosynthesizers.


  • Does not grow population naturally.
    • Population growth must be queued in the Production queue, otherwise levels remain static.


  • Requires sunlight for growth
    • High populations for "Photosynthesizers" could be in large part about begin around the right kind of star. Here i've proposed 10 star types that come in at least 3 sizes. Photosynthetic species would get a big growth bonus for living under one of the 3 big star types, with decreasing growth bonuses (or increasing maluses) for the decreasing sizes. No matter what their EP, there's always a big one no more than one step away. There would be less to [i]do[/i] to get large populations of photosynthesizes, but they have fewer places were the ideal star and EP coincide.
    • This isn't just for plant species. Crystalline and energy beings might plausibly be Photosynthesizers.

Last of their Kind / Sterile

  • Population does not grow-- ever.
    • Useful for novelty minor species, like Stargate's Asguardians.


  • Different from mechanical, i'm not sure how.



  • All EPs are equal


  • Cannot build weapons


  • Always surrenders without fighting


  • Never surrenders to force.


  • Provides some sort of spy bonus?

Assumes Other Uncertain Mechanics:

  • Cybernetic:
    • Vulnerable to hacking?
  • Cute/Popular:
    • Violence to this species causes unhappiness in all others.
  • Logical:
    • Totally resistant to PR manipulation
  • Intangible:?
    • Totally resistant to population loss via bombing