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Don't mark up this page. If you wish to discuss these ideas, please use this topic.

Ethos & Imperial Alignment

In any case the idea/benefits behind "Ethos"->Allegiance/Happiness are several 1. To make 'roleplaying' a race a good choice... If you want to play warmonger psilons, then customize them to be bloodthirsty 2. To make it hard to 'turn on a dime' in your strategy, planning it out ahead of time can give benefits, at the cost of flexibility 3. To offset the advantages of a multispecies empire... if you have a bunch of Psilon colonies for research and Klackon ones for production, that is a benefit.. but if your Psilons are pacifist, and your Klackons are bloodthirsty, you will always be upsetting one of them, so it is an advantage with a cost... maybe it would just be easier to wipe out those psilons, or enslave those Klackons, less production, but they get less uppity.


Allegiance is the sum of all reasons an entire species has to like or dislike a particular empire.

Target Allegiance effectors

  • Alignment/Ethos compatibility
  • Status/Rank
  • Roles
  • Civics choices (though these might effect the alignments directly instead)
  • Allegiance-altering techs?
  • Ownership of Homeworld

Current Allegiance effectors

  • Diplomatic Status changes (explained below)
  • Empathy (if included)
  • Major Random or Special Events?
  • Adding/Subtraction a planet of the species to/from the Empire (via colonization or conquest)

Diplomatic Effects

Some diplomatic actions will effect the Imperial aligments directly, and thus effect allegiance indirectly. For instance an empire increases it's "bloodthirstiness" when it declares war, and thus would make any bloodthirsty member species more loyal.

However there may be a more subtile way. When a diplomatic status changes (this includes all treaty signings, treaty breakings and cancelings), each species in an involved empire may react. Species who are not members of either of the involved empires do not alter their allegiances.

  • If the diplomatic action is unilateral (as in declaring war) only the allegiance toward the initiating empire may change
  • If the diplomatic action is bilateral (as in forming an aliance) allegiances toward both empires may change.

If the treaty is beneficial to the foreign empire, a species will have a boost to current allegiance to the degree that they have a positive allegiance to that empire. Similarly a species will be temporarily saddened is their home empire extorts something from an empire they like (have positive allegiance toward). Having diplomatic stuff effect only the current happiness, has significant advantages for the sanity of the player and the coder. There are no subtile, unpredictable shiftings of happiness as allegiance to foreign empires change. The ramifications on happiness from any decision can be concisely listed for the player.


Local Target Happiness effectors

  • Allegiance toward current Empire
  • Some Buildings
  • Some Planetary Specials (such as "homeworld", and "capital")
  • Satisfaction with planet's EP?

Local Current Happiness effectors

  • Espionage directed against the planet
  • Destruction (population, infrastructure, or building loss)
  • Starvation
  • Overpopulation?
  • Local Random or Special Events