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Basic Principles

  • Fair Diplomacy
    • The AI will not be manipulated in ways human players are immune to. I.E. MoO's "Diplomatic" pic.
  • Consolidation
    • Options are lumped together and sometimes obedience is forced, to avoid over complicating situations.
  • Minimize the concept of "trustworthiness"
    • Imperial AIs are supposed to be pragmatically trying to get the best score, so trustworthiness is an illusion. Populations however, may react to treaty-breaking.

Empire Relationships

  • Like "Open Borders, but also includes:
  • Permanent Alliance
  • automatic sharing of vision, intelligence, and tech.
  • Planting Colonies within territory allowed
  • Victory is collective, but score is decreased by some amount per member.
  • Might only be be available as a team setting when starting the game.
  • like "Open Borders" but includes:
  • Mutual aid in event of war. Perhaps only if war is declared on you.
  • Sharing of external vision, intelligence on mutual enemies
  • Planting Colonies within territory allowed
Open Borders
  • Full access to each other's territory
  • Ships refueled and resupplied
  • Shared supply distribution network (not shared supplies)
  • Planting Colonies within territory not allowed
  • Access to territory is allowed
  • Refuel and resupply not provided
  • Supply distribution lines may cross
  • Planting Colonies within territory not allowed
Closed Borders
  • Aggression only when territory is invaded
  • Violation of closed borders is automatically handled. See below for possibilities.
  • Refuel and resupply not provided
  • Supply distribution lines do not cross
  • ships & planets cannot peacefully coexist in the same place.
  • Planting Colonies within territory allowed -- if you can get away with it
Total War
  • war to the death, no diplomacy, no surrender.
  • Planting Colonies within territory allowed -- if you can get away with it
  • might only be used for monsters, precursors, or other pre-scripted foes.

Violation of Closed Borders

Possible implementations of Closed Borders

  • Any ship detected behind closed borders is bounced back to where it came from
    • without gaining vision of that system
  • If empire A's ships are detected in empire's B's territory, A is offered the choice:
    • 1) to automatically be directed out of the territory -- without gaining vision of that system--, or
    • 2) to declare war against B.
  • Any ship discovered behind closed lines is confiscated, by the violated empire.

Conditional Surrender

Personally i don't like it when all the opposing empires are willing to fight to the death. Especially when your actions don't excessively offend their citizens ethos, an enemy should offer a conditional surrender when it is in it's best interest.

The least drastic option is offering some sort of reparations (tech or resources) in exchange for the end of the war. In more drastic circumstances an empire may offer to enter a subordinate relationship with the winner:

Subordinate Relationships

And weak empire may enter into an unequal relationship with a stronger empire, because the stronger is about to destroy them, or because the weak needs protection from other enemies. The stronger empire may also demand tribute (resources, or tech) to pay for the expense of protection. The stronger empire may demand a one-way sharing of vision, intelligence, and/or tech as part of the tribute.

  • Vassal: (or Puppet, or Satellite) A vassal runs it's own affairs, except it follows the foreign policy of the stronger empire.
    • A vassal looses 1/2rd of it's score to it's master.
    • Under certain conditions a vassal may be able to regain independence.

Unconditional Surrender

Rather than become extinct, an empire may offer an unconditional surrender when it's at the brink of destruction, and if their citizens don't hate the victor too much. In unconditional surrender all the assets (planets, citizens, ships, tech) of the looser become the property of the winner. However they are likely to be unhappy.

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