Themed Names

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Stylistic Rule: No references to the category name in the entries.

eg: no "Angelfish" in the fish category.

Greek Mythological Creatures

Hydra Cerberus Gorgon Minotaur Nemean Lion Sphinx Medusa Pegasus Echidna Basilisk Chimera Satyr Nymph Cyclops Harpy


Swallow Osprey Falcon Eagle Finch Pelican Stork Sparrow Pidgeon Ostrich Albatross Dove Canary Quail Kiwi Rhea Swan Goose Pheasant Penguin Cormorant Heron Flamingo Condor Woodpecker Lark Thrush Crow Raven


Pike Sockeye Trout Eel Albacore Anchovy Lamprey Herring Barracuda Sturgeon Mackerel Coelacanth Stingray Shark Minnow Flounder Gourami Sculpin Koi Marlin Remora Piranha Walleye Bass Trout Capelin Char Guppy


Larch Cedar Willow Pine Fir Oak Birch Maple Dogwood Chestnut Hickory Balsa Mahogany Eucalyptus Ash Cork Elm Palm Cypress Sequoia Juniper Spruce

Rock Types

Granite Shale Slate Chalk Flint Marble Limestone Basalt Clay Gneiss Obsidian Pumice Quartzite Sandstone Schist Pegmatite Komatiite Gabbro Dolomite Amphibolite Andesite


Acceptance Anger Anticipation Boredom Disgust Envy Fear Guilt Hate Hope Joy Jealousy Love Remorse Sorrow Surprise

(preceeding list from Wikipedia)

Ambivalance Awe Rage Shame Ecstacy Smugness Suspicion Lonliness Depression Agony Confidence Pride Frustration

(some of preceeding from here