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Stylistic Rules:   
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#No references to the category name in the entries
#No references to the category name in the entries
#:eg: no "Angel'''fish'''" in the '''fish''' category.
#:eg: no "Angel'''fish'''" in the '''fish''' category.

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  1. No references to the category name in the entries
    eg: no "Angelfish" in the fish category.
  2. Avoid overly similar-sounding names
    eg: "Stormcloud" and "Raincloud", separate "North/South/East/West Wind" entries
  3. Avoid names of prominent bodies in our Solar System

Animals / Plants

Should be limited to names that exist in English as a single word. Thus "Bear" but not "Black Bear."


Aardvark Aardwolf Agouti Alpaca Ape Armadillo Aye-Aye Babirusa Baboon Badger Bandicoot Bat Bear Beaver Boar Bobcat Bonobo Camel Capuchin Caracal Cat Chevrotain Chimpanzee Chinchilla Civet Coati Colobus Cottontail Coyote Deer Dhole Dingo Dog Dolphin Donkey Dromedary Dugong Elephant Elk Fennec Ferret Fox Genet Gibbon Giraffe Goat Gorilla Guanaco Hare Hart Hedgehog Hippopotamus Hog Horse Humpback Hyena Hyrax Jackal Jackrabbit Jaguar Jaguarundi Kangaroo Kine Kinkajou Kodiak Langur Lemur Leopard Lion Llama Loris Lynx Macaque Mammoth Manatee Mandrill Margay Marmoset Marten Mink Mole Mongoose Monkey Moose Mouse Mule Muntjac Narwhale Ocelot Okapi Onager Opossum Orangutan Orca Otter Ox Panda Pangolin Pika Platypus Polecat Porpoises Pronghorn Puma Rabbit Raccoon Ram Rat Reindeer Rhinoceros Sabretooth Seal Shrew Skunk Sloth Stag Tamandua Tamarin Tapir Tarpan Tarsius Tenrec Tiger Vicugna Wallaby Walrus Warthog Weasel Whale Wildebeest Wolf Wolverine Wombat Zebra


Swallow Osprey Falcon Eagle Finch Pelican Stork Sparrow Pidgeon Ostrich Albatross Dove Canary Quail Kiwi Rhea Swan Goose Pheasant Penguin Cormorant Heron Flamingo Condor Woodpecker Lark Thrush Crow Raven


Pike Sockeye Trout Eel Albacore Anchovy Lamprey Herring Barracuda Sturgeon Mackerel Coelacanth Stingray Shark Minnow Flounder Gourami Sculpin Koi Marlin Remora Piranha Walleye Bass Trout Capelin Char Guppy


Larch Cedar Willow Aspen Pine Fir Oak Birch Maple Dogwood Chestnut Hickory Balsa Mahogany Eucalyptus Ash Cork Elm Palm Cypress Sequoia Juniper Spruce Bamboo Mango Sumac Apple Pear Orange Rubber Cherry Lime Avacado Holly Hazel Persimmon Arbutus Beech Chestnut Cinnamon Durian Cacao Fig Olive Almond Plum Poplar

Natural Features

Rock Types

Granite Shale Slate Chalk Flint Marble Limestone Basalt Clay Gneiss Obsidian Pumice Quartzite Sandstone Schist Pegmatite Komatite Gabbro Dolomite Amphibolite Andesite

Natural Phenomena

Stormcloud Thunder Lightning Rainfall Cold Snap Blizzard Whirlwind Maelstrom Twister Cyclone Vortex Snowfall Seacurrent Sunshine Heatwave Wind Thermal Avalanche Lavaflow Daybreak Nightfall Tsunami Hurricane Tornado Rainbow Earthquake Summer Winter Spring Autumn Monsoon Drought Eclipse Solstice Fog Drizzle Sleet Breeze Tide Calm Dawn Dusk Mist

Real Star Names


Andromeda Antlia Apus Aquarius Aquila Ara Aries Auriga Bootes Caelum Camelopardalis Cancer Canes Venatici Canis Capricornus Carina Cassiopeia Centaurus Cepheus Cetus Chamaeleon Circinus Columba Coma Berenices Corona Corvus Crater Crux Cygnus Delphinus Dorado Draco Equuleus Eridanus Fornax Gemini Grus Hercules Horologium Hydra Hydrus Indus Lacerta Leo Lepus Libra Lupus Lynx Lyra Mensa Microscopium Monoceros Musca Norma Octans Ophiuchus Orion Pavo Pegasus Perseus Phoenix Pictor Pisces Puppis Pyxis Reticulum Sagitta Sagittarius Scorpius Sculptor Scutum Serpens Sextans Taurus Telescopium Triangulum Tucana Ursa Vela Virgo Volans Vulpecula

Traditional Greek/Arabic Star Names

Acamar Achernar Achird Acrux Acubens Adhafera Adhil Agena Ain Al Athfar Al Bali Al Dhanab Al Dulfim Al Gieba Al Giedi Al Haud Al Nair Al Niyat Al Rescha Al Thalimain Alaraph Albireo Alchibah Alcyone Aldebaran Alfirk Algenib Algol Algorab Alioth Alkalurops Alkes Almach Almeisan Alnilam Alnitak Alphard Alpheratz Alruccabah Alsafi Alshain Altair Aludra Alya Ancha Angetenar Ankaa Antares Arcturus Arkab Arrakis Ascella Asellus Asmidiske Asterope Atik Atlas Atria Auva Avior Azelfafage Azha Azimech Baham Baten Kaitos Beid Bellatrix Benetnasch Betelgeuse Botein Canopus Capella Caph Caput Trianguli Castor Celaeno Celbalrai Chara Cheleb Chertan Chort Cih Cor Caroli Cor Hydrae Cor Leonis Coxa Cujam Cursa Dabih Deneb Denebola Diphda Dnoces Dschubba Dubhe Dziban Edasich El Nath Electra Eltanin Enif Er Rai Eschamali Fomalhaut Furud Gacrux Garnet Gemma Giauzar Gienah Gomeisa Graffias Grumium Hadar Hamal Heka Heze Homam Izar Jabbah Kabdhilinan Kaffaljidhmah Kaitos Kalb Kaou Pih Kaus Ke Kwan Keid Kentaurus Kin Yu Kitalpha Kochab Kokab Kornephoros Kraz Kuma Kurhah Lesuth Maasim Maaz Maia Marchab Marfak Markab Matar Mebsuta Megrez Meissa Mekbuda Men Menkab Menkalinan Menkar Menkent Menkib Merak Merope Mesarthim Miaplacidus Mimosa Minkar Mintaka Mira Mirach Mirak Mirzam Mizar Mothallah Muhlifain Muliphein Mulu-lizi Muphrid Muscida Nakkar Naos Nashira Navi Nekkar Nihal Nodus Nunki Nusakan Phact Phad Phaet Phecda Pherkab Pleione Polaris Pollux Porrima Praecipula Prijipati Primus Hyadum Procyon Propus Pulcherrima Rana Ras Algethi Ras Alhague Ras Elased Rasalas Rastaban Regor Regulus Rigel Rigilkent Rischa Rotanev Ruchba Rukbah Rukbat Sabik Sadachbia Sadal Melik Sadal Suud Sadalbari Sadatoni Sadr Saiph Samakah Sargas Sarin Scheat Schedar Schemali Scutulum Segin Seginus Shaula Shedir Sheliak Shelyak Sheratan Sirius Situla Skat Spica Sualocin Suhail Sulafat Syrma Talitha Tania Tarazed Tarf Taygeta Tchou Tegmine Tejat Thabit Thuban Tseen Ke Tsih Tso Hea Tsze Tsze Tseang Tyl Ukdah Unuk Al Hay Unukalhai Vega Vindemiatrix Wasat Wezen Wezn Yed Yildun Zaniah Zaurak Zavijava Zozma Zubanalakrab Zubenhakrabi

Vedic Star and Constellation Names

Aardharaa Aashada Aaslesha Abhijit Ashresha Ashwini Bharani Bhargava Bhishaja Bhomyavasar Brihaspativasara Budhavar Chitra Dhanishta Dhanu Guruvar Hastaa Induvasar Jyeshta Kanya Karkataka Krittika Kumbha Makara Mangalvar Mesha Mithuna Mrigasheerisham Phalguni Proshtapada Pubba Punarvasu Purvashada Pushya Ravivar Revathi Rohini Savitru Shaniva Shatha Shravana Shukravar Simha Somavar Sthiravasara Swati Tishya Tula Uttara Uttarashada Vichruta Vishaaka Vrishchika


Roman Pantheon

Aesculapius Aurora Auster Bacchus Bellona Decima Diana Orcus Fama Faunus Favonius Fortuna Galinthis Gratiae Juno Justitia Latona Matuta Minerva Morta Nona Parcae Pax Proserpina Salacia Salus Silvanus Somnus Tellus Ulysses Veiovis Vesper Vesta Vulturnus

Greek Mythology

Achelois Acheron Acis Adrasteia Aegaeon Aeolus Aether Agdistis Agrius Alastor Alcyoneus Alectrona Aloadae Alpheus Amphitrite Ananke Antaeus Antheia Aphaea Aphrodite Arethusa Argus Aristaeus Artemis Asclepius Asopus Asteria Astraeus Ate Athena Atropos Attis Auxo Bia Boreas Briareus Brontes Cabiri Caerus Calliope Calypso Ceto Chloris Chronos Circe Cladeus Cleochareia Clio Clymene Clytie Coeus Cotys Cragus Crataeis Crius Cronus Cybele Cyclopes Daphne Demeter Dinlas Dionysus Dioscuri Doris Echo Efreisone Eidyia Eileithyia Elpis Enyalius Enyo Eos Eosphorus Ephialtes Epimetheus Erato Erebus Erinyes Ethehofos Eunomia Eurotas Eurus Euterpe Galinthias Giants Glaucus Gyes Hades Hamadryads Hebe Hecate Hecatoncheires Helios Hemera Hephaestus Hera Heracles Hermes Hespera Hesperos Hestia Horae Hybris Hypnos Irene Iris Lachesis Leto Melpomene Metis Metope Mnemosyne Moirae Momus Morpheus Naiads Nemesis Nereids Nereus Notus Oceanid Odysseus Ophion Oreads Otus Peitho Peneus Persephone Pheme Phoebe Phorcys Phosporus Pleiades Polyhymnia Polyphemus Poseidon Priapus Prometheus Selene Semele Silenus Sterope Steropes Tartarus Taygete Terpsichore Thalia Thallo Thanatos Theia Themis Thetis Titans Tityas Tyche Typhon Zephyrus Zeus

Norse Mythology

Aegir Alaisiagae Alberich Alfhild Alfrodull Alvis Andhrimnir Andvaranaut Andvari Angrboda As Asgard Embla Astrild Asynjur Atla Audhumla Balder Beldegg Bergelmir Beyla Bifrost Billing Bor Borghild Bragi Brono Brunhilde Buri Bylgia Dagur Disen Dvalin Edda Einmyria Eir Eisa Elli Fafnir Fenrir Forseti Freyr Frigg Gefion Geirrod Ginnungagap Gjallar Gladsheim Glen Glum Gna Gullveig Gunnar Heimdall Heimskringla Helheim Hermod Hladgunnr Hlin Honir Muninn Hymir Idun Jord Jormungand Jotunheim Jotuns Kari Ketill Kvasir Laga Landvaettir Lifthrasir Lofn Loki Magni Modi Miming Mimir Mjollnir Mundilfari Muspell Nidhogg Niflheim Njord Norn Nott Odin Ragnarok Sceaf Sif Sigurd Sjofn Skadi Sleipnir Snotra Surt Svadilfari Svalin Syn Thiazi Thor Thrud Tyr Utgard Valhalla Vali Valkyri Vanaheim Vanir Ve Vidar Vili Yggdrasil Ymir

Basque Mythology

Aatxe Adur Aide Aideko Akerbeltz Ama Itsaso Amalur Argiduna Atarrabi Axular Basa Begizko Beigorri Benzozia Betadur Birao Eate Egoi Eguzku Ekaitz Eki Erditse Erensuge Erge Erio Etsai Euri Gaixtoak Gaizkin Galtzagorri Gauargi Gaueko Goikoa Gorritxiki Hodei Iduzki Ieltxu Iguzki Ilargi Inguma Inizitu Intxixu Iratargi Iritxu Itsaso Itxasgorrieta Iuski Laino Laminak Lur Lurra Maju Mayi Mikelats Mozorro Numen Oaztargi Odei Ortz Ortzeder Ortzi Ost Ostadar Ostots Ostri Ozkarri Patuek Sakre Sorguin Sugoi Tartaro Torto Tronagarru Txaalgorri Tximistarri Ur Urci Urtzi Yaun Zezengorri Zuberoa

Greek Mythological Creatures

Hydra Cerberus Gorgon Minotaur Sphinx Medusa Pegasus Echidna Basilisk Chimera Satyr Nymph Cyclops Harpy

Other Mythological Creatures

Abarimon Abatwa Ahriman Aitvaras Ajatar Amphisbaena Anubite Apis Aspare Aswang Athos Automatas Aziza Bahamut Bakhtak Baku Balaur Banshee Barbegazi Barghest Basilisk Baxajuan Boobrie Broxa Bukavac Bunyip Buraq Catoblepas Cerberus Charybdis Cherufe Chimaera Chimera Chiron Chrysaor Cikavac Cluricaun Coblynau Cockatrice Crocotta Dahu Diwata Domowije Drac Draugr Drekavac Dvergr Dybbuk Eloko Empusa Encantado Ettin Euryale Fachen Feeorin Gaki Gancanagh Gargoyle Garuda Geryon Gorgon Grendel Griffin Guivre Gwyllgi Haetae Hippogriff Hitotsume-kozou Huldra Huldrefolk Hypocampus Ifrit Ixionidae Jengu Jikininki Kabouter Kallikantzaroi Kapre Karkadann Kharybdis Kishi Kitsune Klytias Kobold Kraken Kroni Kujuta Kumiho Ladon Lamia Lammasu Lampades Leshii Leyak Liderc Maal Manananggal Mandrake Manticore Mara Medusa Menehune Merrow Midwayer Mimi Minotaur Mitmitke Myling Naga Naiad Ngoro Nue Nukekubi Oni Opinicus Oread Orochi Orthrus Ouroboros Ovinnik Patupairehe Penanggalan Piasa Pixie Polevik Ponaturi Pooka Rabisu Raiju Rakshasa Redcap Roc Rokurokubi Rusalka Samebito Scylla Selkie Serpopard Shedim Simurgh Sirena Skvader Sluagh Sphinx Spriggan Squonk Stheno Stryx Talos Taniwha Tanuki Tarasque Tengu Tikbalang Tomte Tonttu Trowe Turul Unwaba Vetter Voadkyn Vodyanoy Wendigo Wyrm Wyvern Yuki-onna Yuurei

Real People


Ampere Angstrom Archimedes Aristotle Avogadro Becquerel Bell Bernoulli Bohr Boltzmann Boyle Cassini Cavendish Celsius Chandrasekhar Copernicus Coulomb Crick Curie Darwin Dalton Descartes Dirac Doppler Edison Einstein Euler Faraday Fermi Feynman Flemming Ford Foucault Franklin Galen Galileo Galvani Gauss Glenn Goddard Golgi Goodall Hales Halley Hawking Heisenberg Helmholtz Herschel Hertzsprung Hooke Hoyle Hubble Huygens Hertz Jenner Kelvin Kepler Kuiper Lagrange Lavoisier Leeuwenhoek Linnaeus Lorenz Mach Malpighi Maxwell Mendeleev Needham Newton Oersted Ohm Oort Oppenheimer Pasteur Pauling Planck Pliny Redi Richter Rontgen Rutherford Sagan Salk Schwann Schrodinger Schwarzchild Spallanzani Tesla Tycho Vesalius Van Allen Volta Voltaire Watson

Sci-fi Writers

Adams Aldiss Alexander Anderson Anthony Asimov Baum Beagle Bear Bester Bisson Blish Bloch Bova Bradbury Bradley Brin Brooks Brunner Bujold Burroughs Butler Capek Card Charnas Cherryh Chesterton Chiang Clarke Clement Clifton Cordwainer Crichton Davidson Delany Dick Dickson Effinger Egan Ellison Farmer Foster Gaiman Gerrold Gibson Greeley Haldeman Heinlein Henderson Herbert Hickman Johnson Jordan Kagan Kelly Keyes Knight Kornbluth Kress L'Engle Lafferty Landis Langford Larson Le Guin Leiber Leinster Lem Levine Lewis Link Longyear Lucas Martin McCaffrey McHugh McIntyre Miller Niven Orwell Perry Pohl Resnick Riley Robinson Roddenberry Rowling Rusch Russ Russell Sawyer Sheffield Shelley Shepard Silverberg Simak Simmons Stapledon Steele Stephenson Sterling Straczynski Stross Sturgeon Swanwick Tiptree Tolkien Turtledove Vance Varley Verne Vinge Vonnegut Watt-Evans Wells Wilhelm Williamson Willis Wilson Wolfe Wolverton Zahn Zelazny


Botticelli Bruegel Caravaggio Cezanne Chagall Da Vinci Dali Degas Delacroix Dore Duerer Escher Gauguin Giotto Gogh Goya Holbein Kahlo Kandinsky Klee Klimt Magritte Manet Matisse Michelangelo Miro Modigliani Mondrian Monet O'Keeffe Picasso Pollock Raphael Rembrandt Renoir Rodin Rubens Warhol Whistler



Acceptance Altruism Autonomy Balance Charity Chastity Commitment Compassion Confidence Continence Cooperation Courage Courtesy Creativity Curiosity Dependability Detachment Determination Diligence Discipline Empathy Endurance Enthusiasm Excellence Fairness Faith Fidelity Focus Foresight Forgiveness Fortitude Freedom Generosity Happiness Helpfulness Honesty Honor Hope Hospitality Humility Humor Idealism Imagination Independence Innocence Integrity Justice Kindness Liberty Loyalty Mercy Moderation Modesty Nurture Obedience Optimism Patience Peace Perfection Perseverance Piety Prudence Purity Reason Refinement Respect Restraint Self-Discipline Sensitivity Sincerity Strength Sympathy Tactfulness Temperance Tolerance Trust Truth Understanding Unselfishness Valor Virtue Wisdom Zeal


Acceptance Anger Anticipation Boredom Disgust Envy Fear Guilt Hate Hope Joy Jealousy Love Remorse Sorrow Surprise Ambivalance Awe Rage Shame Ecstacy Smugness Suspicion Lonliness Depression Agony Confidence Pride Frustration Angst



Arch Butress Ceiling Column Pillar Wall Window Vault Minaret Tower Veranda Terrace Dome Cornice Foundation Eaves Frieze Stucco Barrel Truss Keystone Apex Gable Facade Pediment Pier Pilaster Rotunda Spandrel


Eternal September