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What it is.

Could you please put the answer to the first FAQ on the main page? That is: what the page is about (and what "FreeOrion" is)? I hate pages I get on and have to click furiously for n minutes until I find what are they talking about (and there are some I can't ever find that out...).

Did you actually use the phrase "n minutes?" Did you actually do that?! --Johnnie2


Ah, and second thing: could you please put some screenshots on the page/ link to them from the MainPage? That's the first thing I'm always looking for if a page is about a program, and they tell a great lot about a program.


Add link to bug tracker

It was a pain to finally find a link to the bug tracker. Please add it to the main wiki page. Thanks, Derek aka damunzy


donations, donate

Can you add a link to the not existing article "donations" and "donate" , when that articles are created ? I mean the article donate should immediately refer to the article donations as a link. I cant create articles yet.

Done Yoghurt 19:23, 22 Jul 2005 (EDT)

I added that articles. Can you link to donate or donations, because there is added information. Can you please delete the article Jrtdu I created it, but cannot delete.

both done Yoghurt 10:51, 25 Jul 2005 (EDT)

donate hadn't been deleted, it was just a link to donation

Of course, but this redirect was of little use, IMHO. There is a donate link on the main page, and I doubt anyone would search for "donate". However, if you want to recreate the redirect, suit yourself. -- Yoghurt 09:53, 28 Jul 2005 (EDT)

New Graphics

the Design team for the freeOrion project shold be using a program called Universe Image are supposed to pay but you can use my code if you want to.....e-mail me at [email protected]

Link to SourceForge project page

Hello, I think there should be a link to the SourceForge project page on the main page.

Why? Any particular reason? --Yoghurt 21:04, 24 Aug 2005 (EDT)

Multi language support for this wiki

View days ago I saw a good approach for multi language support in wikis at ( They just added a block of list entries at the begin, enumerating language links, that could/should be supported. Translation is done by the community. I'm willing to support it for the german language.

Here is the example from that site - still with original links from there ;-)


They started this at second level of the wiki, where the subject pages begin (introduction, roadmap, ...)


i remember when i got moo1 like a week after it came out and i have been playing the moo games since (and i mean like 4-6 hours a day alot of days for like 10 years now) and this is so cool. good luck and if u need any play testers sign me up!

[email protected]