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They started this at second level of the wiki, where the subject pages begin (introduction, roadmap, ...)
They started this at second level of the wiki, where the subject pages begin (introduction, roadmap, ...)
== testt ==

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What it is.

Could you please put the answer to the first FAQ on the main page? That is: what the page is about (and what "FreeOrion" is)? I hate pages I get on and have to click furiously for n minutes until I find what are they talking about (and there are some I can't ever find that out...).

Did you actually use the phrase "n minutes?" Did you actually do that?! --Johnnie2


Ah, and second thing: could you please put some screenshots on the page/ link to them from the MainPage? That's the first thing I'm always looking for if a page is about a program, and they tell a great lot about a program.


Add link to bug tracker


It was a pain to finally find a link to the bug tracker. Please add it to the main wiki page. Thanks, Derek aka damunzy


donations, donate

Can you add a link to the not existing article "donations" and "donate" , when that articles are created ? I mean the article donate should immediately refer to the article donations as a link. I cant create articles yet.

Done Yoghurt 19:23, 22 Jul 2005 (EDT)

I added that articles. Can you link to donate or donations, because there is added information. Can you please delete the article Jrtdu I created it, but cannot delete.

both done Yoghurt 10:51, 25 Jul 2005 (EDT)

donate hadn't been deleted, it was just a link to donation

Of course, but this redirect was of little use, IMHO. There is a donate link on the main page, and I doubt anyone would search for "donate". However, if you want to recreate the redirect, suit yourself. -- Yoghurt 09:53, 28 Jul 2005 (EDT)

New Graphics

the Design team for the freeOrion project shold be using a program called Universe Image Creator...you are supposed to pay but you can use my code if you want to.....e-mail me at [email protected]

Link to SourceForge project page

Hello, I think there should be a link to the SourceForge project page on the main page.


Why? Any particular reason? --Yoghurt 21:04, 24 Aug 2005 (EDT)

Multi language support for this wiki

View days ago I saw a good approach for multi language support in wikis at opensuse.org (http://www.opensuse.org/Download). They just added a block of list entries at the begin, enumerating language links, that could/should be supported. Translation is done by the community. I'm willing to support it for the german language.

Here is the example from that site - still with original links from there ;-)


They started this at second level of the wiki, where the subject pages begin (introduction, roadmap, ...)