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SCons was just added as a requirement to build GG, however I'm (only) able to build it using the MSVC project files, so it's not really required, at least for Windows.

MSVC compile: SDL library directory

I don't have a \SDL-1.2.7\VisualC7\SDLmain\Release directory, though there is a C:\SDL-1.2.7\lib directory

Linux compilation instructions...

It is mentioned that there are TWO ways to compile FreeOrion in a Linux enviroment, but only ONE is mentioned. I understand that the second option is to use scons, right? But that's a bit broken right now (CVS checkout at 23:50, 4 Dec 2005) as scons assumes (it's hard-coded) that gigi is installed somewhere in /usr/local and doesn't verify this.

Debian package

I am learning to create .deb package for linux that are compile package that autoinstall them. This and rpm package are the more used for all and if I create it more linux people will download the game.

I'm working on .deb, you can help, if you want -- Yoghurt 13:16, 11 Jan 2006 (EST)

Ted's Separate Compile Pages

Ted, why are you making separate compile pages for Windows / Linux that have no real content other than links to your off-site guide? Is there a problem with links in the main compile page...? Are you planning to put the whole guide in the wiki eventually?

In any case, you could probably put the links in the appropriate sections of the compile article, rather than right at the top as now... especially with the prominent redlink to Compile in Linux.

Unless there's a reason to do things as you have...?

Geoff the Medio 02:43, 7 Feb 2006 (EST)