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SCons was just added as a requirement to build GG, however I'm (only) able to build it using the MSVC project files, so it's not really required, at least for Windows.
== MSVC compile: SDL library directory ==
I don't have a ''\SDL-1.2.7\VisualC7\SDLmain\Release'' directory, though there is a ''C:\SDL-1.2.7\lib'' directory
== Linux compilation instructions... ==
It is mentioned that there are TWO ways to compile FreeOrion in a Linux enviroment, but only ONE is mentioned. I understand that the second option is to use scons, right? But that's a bit broken right now (CVS checkout at 23:50, 4 Dec 2005) as scons assumes (it's hard-coded) that gigi is installed somewhere in /usr/local and doesn't verify this.
== Debian package ==
I am learning to create .deb package for linux that are compile package that autoinstall them. This and rpm package are the more used for all and if I create it more linux people will download the game.
: I'm working on .deb, you can help, if you want -- [[User:Yoghurt|Yoghurt]] 13:16, 11 Jan 2006 (EST)

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