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Thanks for trying out FreeOrion. Since it is still in development, crashes, bugs and quirks are common occurances, and you may desire some support for resolving any such problems you experience.

Obtaining Support

If you experience a crash, observe a bug or have other questions, a good first step is to post about it on the FreeOrion support forum.

You can also post bug reports on the FreeOrion SourceForge bug tracker.

Feel free to post any bugs or comments on the FreeOrion forums or bug tracker, but consider checking the previously-posted bugs for a duplicate of your experience. This will save FreeOrion programmer time, and might save your time if the bug is already fixed in the SVN version, or if there is a solution posted.

Provide Information

When posting a bug or crash report, please help us help you by providing information about the problem.

The more information about your problem and your system that you provide, the faster and more easily it can be diagnosed and, potentially, fixed.