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List of Other Space Strategy Games

Status Name URL Platform Notes
0 Open Source Thousand Parsec Linux, Mac, Windows TBS
0 Open Source Majesty of Omega Windows (?) TBS
2 Open Source Star Trek Supremacy Windows TBS
2 Open Source Birth of the Empires Windows, Linux (WINE) TBS
2 Open Source Astriarch - Ruler of the Stars Web TBS, Free
2 Closed, Noncommercial Star Conquest Mac TBS, see bottom of page for install code
2 Closed, Noncommercial Starpires Web TBS, Free
2 Closed, Noncommercial Orion's Belt Web TBS, Free
3Closed, Commercial BattleSpace Web, Flash-based TBS, Free to Play
2 Closed, Commercial Endless Space Windows TBS, Commercial
2 Closed, Commercial The Lacuna Expanse All Platforms, iPhone RTS, Free - Open APIs for Programmers & Custom Clients
3Closed, Commercial Galactic Civilizations 1 & 2 Windows TBS, $20-40
3Closed, Commercial Mayhem Intergalactic Windows TBS, $20
3Closed, Commercial Sins of a Solar Empire Windows RTS, $30-35
3Closed, Commercial Space Empires IV & V Windows TBS, $10-20
3Closed, Commercial Spaceward Ho! Mac, Windows TBS, $25-30
3Closed, Commercial Supernova 2: Space War Mac, Windows TBS, $25
3Closed, Commercial Sword of the Stars Windows TBS, $10-20
3Closed, Commercial VGA Planets 3 & 4 Windows TBS, $30
3Closed, Commercial Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain Mac, Windows out of production
3Closed, Commercial Distant Worlds Windows Pausable RTS, $23
3Closed, Commercial Lord of Rigel Web, Windows, Linux, OSX demos 3D TBS, Tactical Combat, Alpha