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This site serves as an overview about current ship parts used to design space ships. It is created to keep track on icon creation and provide some basic information regarding this, but might also be useful for other purposes. Game relevant data might be added later, but is not a priority at this stage, since it's very likely to change.

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Style of Ship Part Icons

Ship Part Icons should be as clean and simple as possible while still conveying the concept. Symbolism can be used(see shield icons), but you don't have to. Choose what works best.

icons should:

  • Be on a transparent background
  • Be recognizable at smaller sizes
  • Have a strong silhouette
  • Be provided in 64px*64px and in color

The relevant forum thread about icon creation can be found here.

List of Ship Parts including icons and descriptions

ShortRange Part Name Description
laser.png Laser Lower power and mass
ion_cannon.png Ion Cannon Moderate power and mass
mass_driver.png Mass Driver Weapon Of Choice
Missiles Part Name Description
nuclear_missile.png Nuclear Missile Long range moderate power
Armour Part Name Description
lead_armor_plating.png Lead Armour Plating Weak defense with large mass
Shield Part Name Description
defense_grid.png Defense Grid Weak defense with no extra mass
deflector_shield.png Deflector Shield Strong defense with small mass
Stealth Part Name Description
electromagnetic_damper.png Electromagnetic Damper Improves stealth of ship on which it is mounted by damping electromagnetic emissions from ship systems. Can only compensate for small amount of emissions, and will be overpowered by large-emission producing parts, if present.
Detection Part Name Description
optical_sensors.png Optical Sensors Basic detection capability
active_radar.png Active Radar Moderate power detection with large stealth penalty to mounting ship.
Fuel Part Name Description
deuterium_tank.png Deuterium Tank Small increase to ship range by increasing fuel capacity. Bulky and vulnerable to weapons fire.
antimatter_tank.png Antimatter Tank Moderate increase to shiprange by increasing fuel capacity. Compact and low mass.
Colony Part Name Description
colony_pod.png Colony Pod Basic facilities for colonists to survive journey to a new planet. Allows ship to colonize new worlds.
cryonic_colony_pod.png Cryonic Colony Pod Colonists are kept in suspended animation during colonization journey, eliminating need to provide sustenance, and greatly increasing the number of colonists that can be carried on one ship.