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Screenshots from pre 0.3

Click on the link under the image to view it.

View Credits screen
This is the in game credits. In game it scrolls upwards.

View Map screen
Here you can see the galaxy map as it appears when you start a new game.

View Techscreen
The techscreen is not in 0.2, but is one of the major parts of the upcoming 0.3 release. You can scroll the tech map area around by clicking and dragging the mouse. The techs are stored in techs.xml.

View New Game screen
These are the options you select when you create a new game. Some are not so important - frequency of specials, for example, is not yet implemented.

View Planetview screen
When you colonise a planet you can see a view of the planet with the information overlayed on top, like here. If you click on an uncolonised planet you see just the planet image from the background.