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Screenshots from v0.4.7+ Development Build

v0.4.7+ galaxy setup.
v0.4.7+ multiplayer setup.
v0.4.7+ production screen.

Screenshots from v0.4.5 Release

v0.4.5 galaxy setup.
v0.4.5 ship design screen.
v0.4.5 incomplete map exploration.
v0.4.5 map map screen.
v0.4.5 zoomed out research screen.
v0.4.5 in game windows.
v0.4.5 in game windows.

Screenshots from SVN revision 5938

Tech tree from revision 5938.
Tech tree zoomed out from revision 5938.
Ship design screen from revision 5938.
Production screen from revision 5938.

Screenshot from SVN revision 5355

Galaxy map from revision 5355.

Screenshots from v0.3.16

Galaxy Map in v0.3.16 in Observer mode.
Multiplayer setup window in v0.3.16 showing new AI and Observer mode options.

Old Screenshots

Older screenshots are listed here: Old Screenshots.