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The development and refinement of content is assumed to be ongoing. So while the "Tech Tree" is listed under "completed", it is assumed that techs will be created and modified as new parts of the game are added. Buildings, ships, species, monsters and any other content will probably be continually created, removed, and/or refined as development progresses.



  • Basic galaxy map
  • Splash screen / save game / load game
  • Basic planet screen
  • Automated combat resolution
  • Fleet movement and capturing of planets & star systems


  • Galaxy generation routines
  • Basic economy model, planet classification, resource production
  • Stockpiles
  • Population growth model & population cap
  • Starlanes
  • Environmental preferences
  • Basic Planet Specials


  • Buildings model
  • Secret Projects (add projects as we add more features)
  • Tech tree beginning: establish as much resources and growth tech content now as possible, adding more as necessary and possible while doing future versions.


  • Ship design system and interface
  • Basic Space combat auto-resolution
  • Stealth and detection system
  • Fuel limiting fleet movement and a resupply system
  • Planet resource-exchange range limits and blockades by ships
  • Planets populated by species with preferences for different planet types
  • Neutral / native populations on planets
  • Space monsters
  • Basic planetary invasions and ground combat
  • Basic encyclopedia interface
  • Content tweaks to improve playability

Under Development / Ready for Development

  • Macro Substitution for scripting
  • Proper Outposts
  • Revision of the Food resource
  • ...

In Concept Design

  • Species-empire interactions
    • Species like or dislike empires with certain properties or behaviours
    • Species like or dislike empires due to events or actions the empire has taken that affect the species directly
    • Species opinions of empires interact with planet happiness
  • Diplomacy
    • Empires can establish states of peace, war, or alliances, which interact with resource output, production or research.
  • Detection and Stealth
    • Does the current detection - distance vs. stealth system work?
    • How should content be design to work with this system?
    • What could work better?

Planned for 1.0

(may be completed in any order)

  • Custom species can easily be created by players.
  • Interactive space combat
  • Ground combat
    • Players have minimal or no interaction with ground combat
    • Ground combat can proceed simultaneously with and during space combat
    • Ground troops can be dropped on planets during interactive space combat or can be ordered dropped from the galaxy-map system sidepanel GUI
    • Ground troop victory is necessary to capture a planet from another player, or to capture populated neutral planets
    • Unhappy planets can generate "rebel" ground troops that can lead to a player losing control of a planet, possibly to other empires.
    • Species, and species opinions of empires, interacts with ground combat
  • Diplomacy
    • AIs play to win, and there are no "diplomacy modifiers" that directly alter AI interaction with human players or eachother.
      • AIs do consider species preferences and their consequences
    • Empires can trade resources, techs, planets, ships, or map information by mutual agreement.
      • Human or AIs can propose and accept trades in a suitable GUI.
      • Trade agreements should be possible to propose, modify and accept instantly, but likely won't take effect until the subsequent turn resolution.
    • Empires can be at war or peace with other empires
      • Peace vs. war affects blockades, and ship movement
  • Remove server management and master server
    • Some sort of matchmaking system should be possible within the GUI
    • A master server should set up game servers for players

Final Polishing before 1.0

  • Balancing and playtesting.
  • Grammar and spelling
  • Translations to languages other than English (the development language)

Optional for 1.0

The following concepts are not required for v1.0, but may be added before or after v1.0 if a strong motivation for them is provided and an adequate design is established. All game-design proposals should world whether or not any of the following aspects are included in the game.

  • Espionage
  • Leaders
  • Governments
  • Random events
  • Galaxy map saving and reuse
  • Map editor or "God Mode"
  • Scripted "campaigns"
  • Strategic resources
  • "Hall of Fame" high score list
  • Galaxy-map level threats (novas & mobile space storms)