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This page will be devoted to matters relating to python development in general for the FreeOrion project, including the boost::python interface. Topics relating more specifically to the AI will be covered at AI_Development, and topics relating more specifically to universe creation will be covered at Universe_Creation.

Python editor

It is you choice how to edit python code. Here is some suggestions:

- PyCharm community edition

- Eclipse based.

Main feature that you need is navigate to declaration with CTRL+CLICK. Good IDE will help you to make less mistake. Using keyboard shortcuts greatly speedup your development.

Deploying code

Possible approaches:

 a) configure game to use AI from your repository folder. (this is best!)
 b) copy code to game folder
 c) edit code in game folder and copy it back to repo


- Q: This page can be better / has typo / ...
- A: Welcome to forum, lets do it better.
- Q: which python version used?
- A: Windows: python shipped with game(2.7.3) Other system use system python.
- Q: Witch version is supported by AI and universe generation?  
- A: 2.7 
- Q: Where print goes?
- A: stdout and stderr redirected to logs in game settings folder (APPDATA/Roaming/FreeOrion/AI_*.log, ~/.freorion/AI_*.log)
- Q: how to test new code?
- A: start/load game (changing code during gameplay will not get result, code is already in memory)