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A list of things that have to be done at the moment by programmers.
Please, only programmers change this!

Tasks currently assigned

  • Finish Python support (Yoghurt) till v0.3. Status: moving along nicely
  • Crash-handling. Instead of dying silently, dump a stack-backtrace (if possible) to textfile and notify the user to submit a bug-report. (Yoghurt). Help for the Windows version is appreciated Also see this post
  • add a "god-mode" so that we can see the entire map at game start, for debugging purposes.(Ronald that's mine;-))
  • sound effects (Zach, sound team)
  • this is now on hold. applying pd's latest TechWnd GUI changes.(Ronald)
  • update the SidePanel and other Planet-display UIs Ronald this now becomes my top priority.
  • rewrite production code to reflect new empire-wide production. ProdCenter needs to be altered to be a class that only produces things like ships and buildings, and it needs to be added to shipyards, etc., that actually produce things. Its use of resources needs to be decoupled form local production, and the resource-producing aspects of ProdCenter need to be moved into a new class called ResourceCenter. These changes will also ultimately require a production UI screen. Clarification from the design team on whether building "slots" are in or not -- explicit slots are out, even though iirc they appear in the DD. See requirements section regarding this topic. (Zach)
  • Prototyping a simple content management and authoring tool for writing techs, effects, buildings and such (mvor). NEW!: you can now check this task progress here

V0.3 Tasks needing programmer

Top priority

Lower Priority

  • add wormholes to universe generation
  • implement emergency migration (this can be postponed until we have planetary emergencies)
  • treat neutron stars and blackholes differently w.r.t. starlanes, planets, and wormholes (needs designer input)

Cosmetic items

[None at present, besides those already in feature requests]

Tasks recently completed

  • integrate Geoff's new starlane generation algorithm to generate prettier maps, and to avoid starlane crisscrossing (Ronald) DONE
  • design and implement a Meters class (Zach) DONE
  • add Meters to Planets (Zach) DONE
  • design and implement Effect class (Zach) DONE
  • design and implement a Specials class (Zach) DONE
  • design and implement a Building class (Zach) DONE
  • add Meter handling code in turn processing (Zach) DONE
  • adjust Focus to affect Meters, instead of affecting output directly (Zach) DONE
  • adjust nutrient distribution to be multi-pass, instead of 2-pass (Zach) DONE
  • design and implement a Technology class or classes (Zach) DONE
  • rewrite research code to reflect new empire-wide research; this will require a research UI screen (Zach) DONE