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When this is all tidied up and approved, a link from the main page can be added. Until then i doubt anyone will stumble apon it by accident, but if you do, be forewarned that this is a work in progress.

Design Philosophy

There are a lot of cool features that could be included in a 4X space strategy game. However they can't all exist in the same game, and an attempt to cram everything into one game would end up producing something unplayable. The FreeOrion Project is an attempt to create one particular 4X game out of the myriad possible 4X games. One of the tools we use to guide development in the right general direction is the design philosophy. That doesn't mean we think all good 4X games can only be built with this philosophy, but simply that this philosophy can lead to a good game.

FreeOrion's design philosophy is made up of two main parts: KISS, and an ambivalence to realism.



Is an acronym meaning "Keep It Simple, Stupid"