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[[Introduction]] – [[Screenshots]] – [http://www.youtube.com/user/freeorionorg Videos] –  [[FreeOrionWiki:Copyrights|License]]
[[Introduction]] – [[Screenshots]] – [http://www.youtube.com/user/freeorionorg Videos] –  [[FreeOrionWiki:Copyrights|License]]
[[FAQ]] – [[Philosophy]] – [[Vision Statement]]  
[[FAQ]] – [[Philosophy]]
===Playing FreeOrion===
===Playing FreeOrion===
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===Project Overview and Contributing===
===Project Overview and Contributing===
[[How to Help]] – [[Roadmap|Project Roadmap]]
[[How to Help]] – [[Compile]] – [[Python_Development|Python Development (AI & Content)]];
[[Compile]] – [[Python_Development|Python Development (AI & Content)]];
[https://github.com/freeorion/freeorion/commits Recent Development Activity] –  [https://github.com/freeorion/freeorion Source Code Repository]
[https://github.com/freeorion/freeorion/commits Recent Development Activity] –  [https://github.com/freeorion/freeorion Source Code Repository]
[https://github.com/freeorion/freeorion/issues Reporting Bugs]
[[Requirements|Design Documents]] – [https://github.com/freeorion/freeorion/issues Reporting Bugs]

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FreeOrion Logo

FreeOrion is a free, open source, turn-based space empire and galactic conquest (4X) computer game being designed and built by the FreeOrion project. FreeOrion is inspired by the tradition of the Master of Orion games, but is not a clone or remake of that series or any other game.

Download FreeOrion v0.4.4 for Windows or Mac OSX 10.6+
Download FreeOrion Test Builds for Windows, or Mac OSX.


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Playing FreeOrion

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Quick Play GuideMultiplayer

Project Overview and Contributing

How to HelpCompilePython Development (AI & Content);

Recent Development ActivitySource Code Repository Reporting Bugs



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Latest News:

  • Release candidates of FreeOrion 0.4.9 are now available! - After a lot of delays we can finally provide release candidate builds for 0.4.9, available on SourceForge for Windows and Mac OSX. Testing and feedback on the forums for these candidates are appreciated. Vezzra 16:40, 13 January 2020 (UTC)
  • Forums back to normal - We have been able to put some countermeasures in place that allow the forum to operate normally again. Vezzra 15:55, 17 November 2019 (UTC)
  • Forums down - Due to excessive bandwidth usage from hundreds of simultaneous unregistered accounts, the FreeOrion website forums are currently not accessible. Development-related discussions are still ongoing at GitHub. Geoff the Medio (talk) 06:52, 24 October 2019 (UTC)
  • FreeOrion snap packages now available - FreeOrion snap packages are now available on snapcraft.io. Click here to go directly to the FreeOrion page. Vezzra 12:15, 24 January 2019 (UTC)
  • First public FreeOrion multiplayer server online - There is now a public FreeOrion multiplayer server available here (a service provided by community member and contributor o01eg). See the offical announcement post for more details. For informations, updates and support for the service see this discussion thread on our forum. Vezzra 12:10, 31 August 2018 (UTC)