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FreeOrion is built and maintained entirely by volunteers. Help from people with a wide variety of skills is needed to complete the project.


Project Team StructureCommunity Rules


The easiest way to contribute when new to the project is to join in brainstorming discussions on the forums. It's recommended to familiarize oneself with the established and in-progress design Requirements and the most recent version of the program downloaded or compiled from SVN.

Content creation is also requested. See also these

  tech tree
  designing Space Monsters
they are helpful, as well as discussion of the general thematic nature and structure of the and other content. Here's a little info about . The design process is discussed on the Game Design page.


Some of the issues on the GitHub issues tracker involve C++ or Python coding.

Testers may also be helpful, for bug reporting (see below) or help with bug fixing, even if not coders themselves. If able to compile on various platforms to which programmers do not have access, and willing to assist a programmer with resolving bugs that appear only on your system, noting this in a bug report or on the forums is encouraged.

General programming information is available on the Programming page.

Content Scripting

Some of the issues on the issues tracker involve python or FOCS scripting.

Bug Reporting

Bug reporting is appreciated. Even better are patches to fix new or existing bugs.


While much is still incomplete, parts of FreeOrion are ready for Play-testing.

Graphics and Art

There is a list of Graphics Work available.

See the Guidelines to Contributing on the forums.

Music and Sound







'Pedia Species Write-ups