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This site provides an overview about what kind of work is available for artist and who is currently working on something. The document is devided into two parts: To Do and Suggestions. The former should only be changed by people in charge, the later is open to everyone, who has some art related suggestions. Suggestions will be reviewed and might be moved to To Do.

One should be familiar with the Guidelines to Contributing and it is encouraged to post work on the forums, so proper critique and guidance can be provided.

To Do

  • Finish the Tech icons. - forum thread - shrinkshooter, Redcap, Josh
  • Create Building icons.
  • Redesign the research screen, including the list view.
  • Overhaul the production screen.
  • Design the combat UI - forum thread
  • Create ship (and alien) concept art, focus on the creation of 1 or 2 entire ship lines. Contact pd for details.
  • Create ship models and respective design screen background plates. This should ideally be done after the concept art. Contact pd for details.
  • Create space combat planet textures(color, bump, citylights). - pd
  • Create space combat background textures(skyboxes). - pd
  • Add more gaseous texture sets for the galaxy map. A set should have different textures varying in detail, but mostly homogeneous in color.