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  +2HS  Gro_Cyborg (hostile)   
  +2HS  Gro_Cyborg (hostile)   
  +1HS  Con_Orbital_Hab   
  +1HS  Con_Orbital_Hab   
  +1    Gro_Planet_Ecol   
  +1    Gro_Planet_Ecol (good,adequate)  
  +1HS  Gro_Subter_Hab (good,adequate)
  +1HS  Gro_Subter_Hab
  +1HS  Gro_Symbiotic_Bio   
  +1HS  Gro_Symbiotic_Bio   
  +2HS/+1HS Gro_Xeno_Genetics (poor,adequate/hostile)  
  +2HS/+1HS Gro_Xeno_Genetics (poor,adequate/hostile)  

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The order of execution of EffectsGroups is determined primarily by their specified Priority, and secondarily by their cause/source. A number of standard reference Priority values are specified in default\scripting\common\priorities.macros

Probably the largest and most complex set of interrelated EffectsGroups is that for various Population Effects, whose relative priority is critical to their proper operation. For reference, the current (as of this writing) order of their application is summarized below.

Used terms/keys

+1   adds one Population
+1HS effect adds the HabitableSize of the planet to the Population
+2HS effect adds twice the HabitableSize of the planet to the Population
*0.75 multiplies the current Population value with 0.75


+1HS  Growth Special/Focus    
-5HS  Temporal_Anomaly_Special  
+2HS  Con_Ndim_Strc
+2HS  Gro_Cyborg (hostile)   
+1HS  Con_Orbital_Hab  
+1    Gro_Planet_Ecol (good,adequate)  
+1HS  Gro_Subter_Hab
+1HS  Gro_Symbiotic_Bio  
+2HS/+1HS Gro_Xeno_Genetics (poor,adequate/hostile) 
+1HS/+2HS Gro_Xeno_Hybrids (poor/hostile) 


*1.25  Good_Population	bonus


Planet environment = Uninhabitable


+3HS/+1.5HS/-1HS/-10HS  Phototrophic_Bonus (Blue/White/Red,Neutron/Blackhole,NoStar)


+3HS/-2HS/-4HS  Planet environment = Good/Poor/Hostile


+0    Planet environment = Adequate
*0.5  Gaseous_Bonus (GasGiants)
*0.75 Bad_Population
???  Lifecycle_Manip_Population_Effects


???  Eccentric_Orbit_Special


+2HS  Homeworld_Bonus_Population
+3HS  Self_Sustaining_Bonus
+2HS  Homeworld_Growth_Focus_Boost