Deleted by Rantz

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Rantz and ravez may hurt like stones -
but empty pages will never faze me.

I came to this page to find it empty, and wondered, "Hey, this is a Wiki.. Lets see how we can help."

This is precisely what this project is about - to create and enliven the most beloved strategy multiverse ever imagined. Okay, maybe that goes too far: so lets say "... as much as can be enjoyed within a fortnight."

With the true secret deleted by Rantz - to be fearlessly sought and chased - we must go on with the best intention of true seekers. This designer noticed that there was no mention of Antarans in the backstory, and wondered if the 5th X in this case might be connected with the eXchange of state the Orions might have taken upon their themselves, through their seeming demise. Or could it be an eXplosion of consciousness that led them to a trance-like universally-connected selfhood, where they were able to leave their bodies and become beings of light.. with free consciousness floating through the universe. Or if might be the eXperience of learning to see the grand design, and thus to remove themselves from the microcosmic scale (like ants on an anthill, their own selves defining their limits,) and reach a larger, more detached, higher level macrocosmic scale (like a human looking down on the anthill, or an eagle gliding by, seeing far more,) with the intention of becoming more than they could ever be otherwise..

Whatever it is, we know that we're not giving up, and the chase has only now begun, with your perusal of this page..