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Compilation Instructions

  1. First, get the FreeOrion SDK from SourceForge. (~30MB)
  2. Check out the source code from GitHub, from the freeorion/freeorion repository, master branch
  3. Open FreeOrion\msvc2010\FreeOrion.sln
  4. Use Build->Build Solution to build all projects' release targets

Compilation may take some time: ~1 hour on Core i3 370M with 6GB RAM, ~20 min on Core i7 4710HQ with 8 GB RAM.


FreeOrion can be compiled on Windows with the Visual Studio 2010. Premade Visual Studio 2010 project files are available in the source code repoistory, and the SDK provides precompiled dependencies for this compiler. Project files may also be generated using CMake.

Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition may be downloaded for trial from Microsoft. If that link doesn't work even in IE, than use this English link. But after 30 days you have to register for free.

If you are a student, you may also be eligible for Microsoft Dreamspark, which will give you the Professional version of MSVC 2010 or several other Microsoft programs.

Also, if you are a student you should check out if your university takes part in the MSDNAA (Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance). You might be able to get Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and other very pricy software for free or at some places a small administrative fee (like 5€ to get access for a semester)

Software Dependencies

The majority of FreeOrion dependencies can be found precompiled and packaged in the FreeOrion Windows SDK, from the SourceForge FreeOrion SDK page.

The SDK includes compiled libraries, headers and DLLs for: zlib, Python, Boost, FreeType, GLEW, libpng, libjpeg, OpenAL, ALUT, libvorbis, and libogg, SDL2.

Runtime Errors

Please report runtime errors in the forums.