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Production Location Restrictions

It is essential that it be possible to restrict where production items can be produced.

This could be done with a "location" condition in production item definitions. A game object that matches the location condition is a valid location where the production item can be produced. The source object for the condition is the empire's capital.

This mechanism could apply to various production items, including buildings, ships or other to-be-defined types of production items that require specific locations to be produced.

Most buildings or ships would probably have an "OwnedBy TheEmpire Source.Owner" condition.

Production Numerical Limits

It is a high priority, though not strictly essential, to be able to limit the number of a production item that can be produced on a planet, in a system, in an empire, or in the galaxy.

Assuming there is a location condition in production item descriptions, this could be done with a new condition: Number (distinct from NumberOf), which has a sub-condition and two parameters: <min> and <max>. If the number of objects that match the sub-condition is in the range <min> ... <max>, then the Number condition matches all objects. Otherwise, it matches no objects.