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Old conent related to my comments on F0 0.4/0.5 tech tree moved to User:Piotrus/Tech Category Project/Archive1 by --Piotrus 11:35, 1 Feb 2005 (EST)

Tech Mod

What started a few months ago as the Tech Category Project is now better described as the Tech Mod. My goal is to create a version of the FO game, were any technology known from science fiction universes (books, games, films) can be found and researched in a way illustrating the possible ways of the future development of civilisation. My inspiration is:

  1. Sid Meirs Alpha Centauri game (SMAC), which has - as far as I can tell - the most realistic looking and logical tech tree tree, showing the possible future development of the human civilisation
  2. Hearts of Iron CORE mod, the most popular mod of the HoI game, which greately increased the number of historical technologies
  3. Space Empire IV Gold - the easily modable 4X game which has many mods based on known sf universes - like Star Trek Mod, Space Wars Mod, Babylon 5 Mod, etc.

As FO is still in its early stages, perhaps some of this mod ideas may be incorporated into the offical FO game (as happened to the Ultimate Mod in SE4 which was incoprorated into post 1.71 gold version), but this is *not* the purpose of this mod.

The purpose of this mod is:

  • to expand the tech categories, teories, applications and refinements available in FO
  • to draw ideas from all exisitng games and sf books/movies that mod creators will want, allowing FO game to eventually recreate various fictional sf universes
  • to collect any interesting tech ideas that are getting lost and forgotten in the phpBB archives

Note to Free Orion project members

I think that wiki engine is sometimes much better then forum for discussing certain aspects of FO (since hypertext+wiki are much nicer then loooooong forum threads, IMHO) and I hope our little discussion will familiarise you all with Wiki-tech. Hopefully we will be able to use official FO wiki for such discussions in the future.

Project areas

Project members and description

  1. --Piotrus 11:35, 1 Feb 2005 (EST) I try to take care of tech logic (what allows what, what requires what, what is a theory and what is an application) and fluff text. I am unfamiliar with XML.
  2. ...