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Compiling FreeOrion on Ubuntu

The process was pretty straightforward, although I encountered some strange (I say strange because I think they are an Ubuntu specific issue) dependency problems:

  • While linking GG libtool complained of two missing libraries, libjpeg and liblcms. This is easily overcome installing the development packages for them:
apt-get install libjpeg62-dev liblcms1-dev
  • While executing FreeOrion configure, it complained about SDL_Mixer missing. In Ubuntu (and Debian) SDL is broken into several small packages - one for each SDL major 'add-on' module. This is the case of SDL_Mixer. apt command was:
apt-get install libsdl-mixer1.2-dev
  • When linking the FreeOrion client the linker croaked complaining about not finding -ldotneato. Most surprising, since I just had installed graphviz-dev (2.2.1). I executed
dpkg -L graphviz-dev

and realized that some ubuntu packager had fumbled big time since the files that anyone would expect to reside in /usr/lib were in /usr/lib/graphviz instead. Many solutions are possible - mine was copying the files into /usr/lib and leaving a post-it somewhere to remember removing them when upgrading or removing the package. (Edit by No.) : Another solution is to edit /etc/ Add the line : /usr/lib/graphviz. Launch sudo ldconfig.


I was using Ubuntu Hoary (5.04).