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  • Put effects / unlocks at top of tech descriptions, not at bottom. Remove info from top title area and put in description, since that's where people look for it.
  • Make producing various sizes of ship hull require a building (in addition to the shipyard) rather than the tech. This way, starting empires can have such a building for medium hulls (colony ships) but not be able to build another one until they reserach the medium hull tech. Presently, medium hulls are either locked, meaning players can't make more colony ships at the start of the game, or unlocked, meaning the medium hull tech is pointless.
  • Give mainpanel some state, so that if looking at an old design, don't enable confirm new design until it is modified, and clear name and description of old design when the first modification of the old esign is done (not every time an in-progress design is modified - keep design-in-progress' descriptions when design-in-progress is modified)
    • Check if shown "new" design matches an existing design. If it does, make button "Duplicate" instead of "Add New".
  • Add way to delete existing ship design
  • If a ship has effects and can colonize, colonizing and thus destroying the ship mid-turn, and then causing effect accounting to be recalculated for an object acted on by the destroyed ship's effects could cause a crash...?
  • Make colony ships take pop from planet when built
    • BuildLocation condition - matches location at which an object is built this turn.
    • OnBuild Effect - executes once on turn an object is built?
    • Make it possible for objects to consume something other than PP when on build queue? Make colony ship take something like 0.05 population / turn to build? (Make BuildLocation condition - which must be met to give a production item PP each turn - require more PP on the planet than the ship would take from the planet that turn).
  • Re-evaluate build location conditions when checking production progress for each production item that is completed. Need to be sure that the player can't enqueue two copies of the same building that should only exist one per planet, and have both copies finish the same turn, so both get built as their location conditions were met before either was built.
  • Give production projects effects that happen while they're on the queue ... perhaps "UnderProduction" effects group.
    • Use to deduct population from planets producing colony ships. Each turn a colony ship is on a planet's production queue and is receiving any (nonzero) PP towards completion, planet loses (colony_ship_total_pop / min_turns_to_build) population points
    • Give condition access to total cost, minimum turns to build and funding it's receiving each turn.
    • Can use to have "perpetual projects" on queue that have some effect but consume PP to maintain

  • Planetpanel shipyard indicator of some sort?
  • SetAxialTilt Effect
  • SetRotationSpeed Effect
  • CreateSitRepMessage effect
  • Update starlane colouring code to have multiple colours per lane for when multiple empires can exchange resources or send supplies along the same line (in the same direction or otherwise)
  • Victory Conditions / Defeat Messages Fixes
  • save eliminated empires like how destroyed universeobjects are saved so that sitrep messages referencing eliminated empires can still work
  • "Empire Templates" - (think up better name for these) - make focus effects, base planet health, max population, etc. effects, not hard-coded, but part of these... possibly add separate step to effects evaluation for these.
  • Tab should cycle through options in GUI
    • Multiplayer setup screen in particular
  • Ships droplist on left side of screen, icons for each, grouped by system
  • Show empire resource production, with surplus +/- change on line below