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Space Monsters

I'm defining "space monster" as:

 "a biological or mechanical being which cannot be communicated with."

The being may be too advanced, too stupid, too uninterested, and/or too different for communication to occur. In some cases it won't be possible to find out which. The Monster may be the last remnant of a powerful ancient civilization, or the result of an experiment gone horribly wrong, or a scout from an unknown dimension, or simply a hungry animal that thinks you taste good.. You may never know.

Space Monsters:

  • may reproduce
  • may have goals
  • may stay on one planet or travel the starlanes
  • may "colonize" planets
  • may attack ships and/or colonies
  • may leave you alone if you leave them alone
  • may do things utterly impossible for player species
  • may eat your sun
  • may be really weird

  • do not communicate
  • do not participate in diplomacy
  • do not build or research according to the normal tech tree

Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that the "Monsters" can't in some way be manipulated. A possible interesting twist is the control of space monster "breeding grounds" may allow the player to train and control certain kinds of space monsters.

Left-over Late Game tech

A large, easy to implement category of "monsters" is late-game devices and defenses which remain from some ancient and vanished species (and/or the Orions). This gives the player a taste of the cool things he may eventually be able to build. Of course, not all left-overs will be necessarily harmful.

This should provide plenty of room to add interesting sci-fi beings to the galaxy to provide interesting things to discover but the division between "monsters" and "playable races" should help keep the playable ones manageable and balance-able.