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I hope the final game won't need Service Pack 2... Definitely a K.O. requirement as I cannot install SP2 because some other software won't work then. (plus I don't like it at all) I also hope it won't need .NET 2.0... where's the good old software that just worked as long as you had enough EMS? :)
Too bad, I like playing my games in Win98 where the OS won't interfere with my game as much as in Linux and WinXP. well I'm back to playing MoO2 then... BTW the 0.2 release of FO worked fine on Win98

Windows 2000

I play FreeOrion on a Windows 2000, with the setup of the 0.3.1 RC5. It works perfectly. Tomm 11:43, 2 Jan 2007 (EST)


It should be mentioned specifically that OpenGL2.0 is needed.