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Oh in so einer Zeit so wenig geschafft .... Ich mach später weiter. Aber irgendwie haben mich die Texte bewegt.

In much time less reached, I go on later. But somehow the texts were in any way moving or so, I mean ... I don't know.

I wanted to change Raumfahrstuhl to Weltraumlift, as this is the right translation, but it didn't work. Can please someone else do that?

-- 19:31, 14 Sep 2006 (EDT)

Done. It would probably work for you if you registered and logged in. Geoff the Medio 01:18, 15 Sep 2006 (EDT)

Thank you for this correction. I am going to revise my translation sometime this year, but I'd be really gratious if you'll give me a hand with that. The Silent One

What help do you need? I don't know german... Also, check your forum private messages. I've sent you two, with no response. Geoff the Medio 16:17, 17 Sep 2006 (EDT)

It did work with registration. I've corrected some other mistakes. --Ishka 11:33, 18 Sep 2006 (EDT)

Ishka, please keep me informed about your changes. Can you please PM your email to me or contact me on the forums so that we can discuss changes?
@Geoff: I sent you a PM. Oh, and I meant Ishka when asking for a hand with the translation. Although it is correct by and large, it could be smoothed out here and there.
--The Silent One 12:46, 19 Sep 2006 (EDT)

FYI, you should be translating the eng_stringtable.txt on SVN, which is the most up-to-date. The english one on the wiki is outdated and missing a number of strings (as is noted on the Languages page). Geoff the Medio 07:13, 22 Sep 2006 (EDT)

I'll translate the new contents next week. --The Silent One