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Q: Using KDE on Linux, you get the error 'open /dev/[sound/]dsp: Device or resource busy' and fails to output sound.

A: Create (or edit an existing one) a text file called .openalrc and place it in your home directory. Put in the lines: <source lang="lisp"> (define devices '(arts esd native alsa null)) (define alsa-device "default") (define speaker-num 2) (define sampling-rate 44100) </source The first line tells OpenAL the order in which to try and use the sound device. arts is KDE's sound system, esd is typically GNOME's.

I hope this helps someone, I got most of it from _Lemon_ 21:24, 28 February 2008 (EST)

Q: How do I edit wiki pages?

I noticed a typo on your Download page ("avaiable" should be "available") and thought "I'll fix that for them". But there was no "Edit" button.

"Okay", I thought "I guess I need to be a registered member. Annoying, but okay.". So I registered and there's still no "Edit" button. Grr?

Then I thought at least I'd add the question to the FAQ, but apparently that's not editable either.

What gives? Why bother having a public Wiki at all if it's not editable? (Except for this page, and apparently [1]).

BTW, in amongst all this I looked for some alternate means of contact. There appears to be no email contact info. I stumbled on some forums but I would have had to sign up. Since I'd already done that for the wiki with minimal success that was not an appealing option.

Thanks. --Irrevenant 22:40, 24 Aug 2007 (EDT)

Unfortunately, most of the wiki has to be locked down because of persistant spamming. As such, it's more of an informational tool than a means of two-way communication. Not being publically editable doesn't prevent it from being useful in this capacity, or from being a functional website main page.
If you want to discuss the game or the project, then use the forums (which you can post on after registering). I'm not sure why you had a hard time finding them, as they're linked on the main page, in the Introduction, and on the wiki sidebar. I suppose if you were attempting to contact someone about the wiki, the forum might not have been the most obvious place to look... Can you suggest a better way to funnel people to the forums for contact purposes in situations such as these?
I've edited a few help and FAQ pages to hopefully clarify some of these issues. Geoff the Medio 23:13, 24 Aug 2007 (EDT)

Q: On Linux the sound is occasionaly or constantly garbled.

A: This is due to OpenAL (library used for sound) most likely having problems with ALSA (Linux sound drivers). Make a text file with your text editor containing the line (define devices '(native)) and save it as .openalrc (yes, with the leading dot) in your home directory.

--MareviQ 11:49, 22 January 2008 (EST)