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Posted originally by in main article:

FWIW, it did not work on my machine (Powerbook 1GHz 12in, Mac OS X 10.3.6). Error message: "freeorion can't open library: /usr/local/lib/libvorbisfile.0.dylib" I don't have "libvorbisfile" anywhere on my machine. --, 11/17/2004

Update by cbedgar, 1/14/2005:

WooHoo! I finally got it running on my mac! Wow, looks really great guys! Great job!

The key is to download and install libvorbis. I had some trouble with this, but then found out about Darwin Ports. The Darwin Ports system makes it easy to install many standard open source packages on a mac. Go to Follow the instructions to download and install Darwin Ports. They are very clear.

Then install libvorbis as follows:

cd ~/darwinports/base                     I don't know if this is needed but it is what I did
sudo port install libvorbis               This installs the package you need
sudo port install vorbis-tools            Again, not sure this is needed

Now you need to put the Vorbis lib in the right place. Darwin ports puts libraries in /opt/local/lib/. FreeOrion wants them in /usr/local/lib/. Also FreeOrion calls the libvorbisfile library libvorbisfile.0.dylib. Darwin ports calls it a lot of things, but that isn't one them. So, these commands will sort things out:

cd /opt/local/lib/
ln -s libvorbisfile.dylib libvorbisfile.0.dylib
sudo ln ./* /usr/local/lib/

Lastly, running FreeOrion is not completely obvious. There are three executibles that seem to want to be run from the command line. One calls all the others, so just change directory to the location where you put FreeOrion and type ./freeorion. If everything goes well a window will open a FreeOrion will start up in all its glory.

Have fun!

Almost Working!

I followed all the instructions for installing libvorbis and vorbis-tools with DarwinPorts. I'm running OS X 10.4.5 on a 12" Powerbook. Any ideas on how I can fix the FontException error? Will replacing Vera.ttf help? Does freeorion need to be a certain directory or run with certain switches?

$ /Volumes/Shared/New\ Games/fov0.2/freeorion; exit
1146280244 DEBUG  : SDLInit() complete.
1146280244 DEBUG  : GLInit() complete.
1146280245 FATAL  : GG::GGException (subclass FontException) caught in App::Run(): Face object created from 'Vera.ttf' was invalid
1146280245 FATAL  : Initiating Exit (code 1 - error termination)
1146280246 DEBUG  : SDLQuit() complete.
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Running from Terminal got the game to start properly!

cd ~/fov0.2

Previous error only occurs when starting the game by double clicking on freeorion.

You should ask for help on the forums. The wiki is more informational than discussion, which is (fittingly) done on the forums. Geoff the Medio 00:29, 29 Apr 2006 (EDT)

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(please compile a new version - minutes for you, hours (installing all the dependencies&compiler) for us!)

eww, .NET 2.0

are you out of your minds? .NET 2.0 as a requirement? what for? security flaws? bloat?

please try removing this requirement... time to boot up Linux to try this...

The .NET requirement is because it ends up being required by the binaries built using the Microsoft compiler. The lead programmer uses Linux primarily, wasn't able to figure out why the dependency appeared, and chose to spend time working on other things. There's no .NET stuff actually used in the code. See this post for his own words. If you know how to get rid of the .NET requirement, please post about it. Geoff the Medio 03:10, 23 Aug 2006 (EDT)
Maybe this would help: FMOD Forum idea. You should also build it without MFC
FO is not built using managed code or MFC. Since those previous posts though, I may have discovered the source of the problem, which is the /clr compile switch. Geoff the Medio 00:30, 20 Jan 2007 (EST)
Cool that would be neat :) -- 16:58, 4 Feb 2007 (EST)