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  • "Empahsis" is for a single word listing of the species most prominent strength. If we had Psylons, you would put down "Research".
  • If you notice a species in the Story forum or in the game, that isn't on this list, please, add it.

species in the game

Name Summary Prodution Research Good Planet Native or play Picture
Abaddonnian A race of cave dwelling generally decent folk living in permanent slavery to an overprotective computer they created. Average Bad Inferno playable
Acirema A race with nearly limitless power, that cannot survive in this universe. Great Good Radiated Native
Ancient_Guardians Guardian Robots constructed by a Precursor civilization aeons ago NO NO ALL EVENT
Banforo Cute, sedulous star gazers. Good Average Barren BY TECH
Beigeoo Insane, intensely private, planet-engulfing nanite swarm. Great No Radiated Native
Chato Sessile crystalline entities which ride the animal Gormoshk. Average Great Toxic playable
Cray Cheerful enthusiastic robots. Physically powerful, extremely intelligent but few in number Bad Good Barren playable
Cynos Walking plants sustained by a giant non-sentient mother plant No Average Swamp Native
Derthrean Pacifistic, bioengineering, pain-ridden, floating plant/virus synthesis Average Average Toxic Native
Eaxaw Evil Amazonian Xenophobic Aggressive Worms Average Average Desert playable
Egassem Super massive, nuclear-powered, lava-dwelling, ageless, crystalline amoebas Great Bad Inferno playable
Etty Cyborg plants, peaceful traders yet introverted. Bad Average Desert playable
Exobot Semi-autonomous robots, designed for industry on barren, radiated, and Inferno planets. Average Bad BY Tech
Experimentor Precursor mad scientists No Ultimate
Fifty-Seven Math-obsessed sky-serpents, singing planet-wide fractal songs. No Ultimate Swamp Native
Fulver Precognitive unsatisfied ants. Average Bad Tundra playable
Furthest Paranoid three-headed, tripedal herbivores. Average Bad Tundra Native
George A single, childish Telelpathic entity that consists of tons of centipedeoids Good Bad Tundra playable
Gisgusgthrim Shelled herbivores that live off a singular planets-sized colonial gel. Bad Good Toxic Native
Gyisache Cowardly, freakish sheep-like herbivores Good Good Swamp playable
Happy Abandoned, lonely underwater robots, programmed to sing "happy birthday" to themselves at regular intervals. Bad Good Ocean Native
Hhhoh Huge, slow, multi-trunked mammoths Average Average Tundra Native
Hiddengardener A sapient fungal network that tends its plant food from beneath No No Terran Native
Human Relentless, tribal pursuit predators. Average Average Terran playable
Kilandow Radiation-absorbing, prickly, unhurried experimenters. Average Great Radiated
Kobuntura Sentient magnetic dust formations with a fascination for building and construction. Great Average Barren Native
Laenfa Sneaky, telepathic, sentient vines Average Average Ocean playable
Lembalalam Egocentric, degenerated ancient reptiles that no longer reproduce. No Good Desert Native
Misiorla Chaotic, liberal, born pilots. Bad Bad Toxic
Muursh Militantly peaceful herbivores. Average Bad Desert Native
Nymnmn Planet-wide sapient magnetic waveforms. No Average Desert Native
Ourbools Giant blind swimmers who "see" gravitation. Bad Average ocean Native
Phinnert Indigene flying Monkeys Average No Swamp Native
Raaagh Highly territorial felinoids. Bad No Terran Native
Replicon Barely-sentient self replicating robots. Good Bad Radiated playable
Scylior Three-tentacled, aquatic Nautiloid, blindly following an immobile brain-growth's religion of knowledge gathering Average Great Ocean playable
Setinon individualistic sentient microscopic cells Bad Average Swamp Native
Silexian Gleaming gardener robots, left on their own No Bad Terran Native
Sly Friendly overlooked gasbags. Average Bad Gasgiant playable
Sslith Flat, aquatic, plyable creatures Bad Average Ocean Native
Supertester Super Testers are grossly unbalanced and unfair. They are nearly Omniscient. And they thrive on all planets. STEALTH -busting power only works when they are in a Capital) Great Great All Supertester
Taeghirus Weak, flightless birds, united in total mutual cooperation. Good Average Swamp Native
Trenchers Enigmatic wheeled robots devoted to carving up their planet into the most elaborate curves and spirals. Good No Barren Native
Trith Telepaths driven batty by the background noise of other being's thoughs. Average Average Radiated playable
Ugmorrs Lava-dwelling yeast piles, which form temporary golems. Good Bad Inferno Native
Volp Highly bureaucratic, overcrowded burrowers. Average Average Barren Native

pecies being envisioned

  • This page indexes the species ideas which have been developed for FreeOrion. Not all species on the list will be ultimately added to the game.
  • If you come up with a new species, post it on the forum and add it here
  • Please see the instructions and guidelines here for creating new species ideas for FreeOrion.
Name Summary Emphasis Good Planet Picture
Arachnix Evil mutated spiders that want to eat everything and find their creator ? 2
Gaseous Sentience A partial symbiosis of sentient gas-phase entity, and unintelligent sack-like "gasbags" ? 4
Simulacrons Beings that are born biologically, but on maturity are translated to their true digital civilization. ? 3
Trayeggadora 6-limbed Sloths with a 10 year aggression/pacifistic cycle ? 3
T'aeghirus Weak, flightless birds, united in total mutual cooperation ? 3
"Ents" Sentient trees, with an decentralized neural network throughout their woody trunk and branches ? 3
Enishe Star-dwelling energy beings. Alter the output of the stars they imhabit. Probably space monsters ? 3
The People A species with the morality of Gandhi and the bodies of giant fuzzy worms ? 3
Norwana Half octypus, half starfish, out for revenge. ? 2.5
Manderans Shape-shifting mimics masquerading as their previous victims ? 2
Loran Walking turnips with an entrenched snob upper class. ? 2
Kantians Consiousnesses which inhabit flesh or machines at will. (over-complex gameplay effects ?) ? 2
Tjari Ruthless cyborg traders and manufacturers of shoddy goods. ? 2
Dnalreven Vague and confused beings which imitate the traits of anyone they meet. ? 2
The Stonecarvers A race of land dwelling nautilus who take paranoia to the level of clinical insanity. ? Terran 3.5
Multaarans Shape shifting artistic spy masters, who believe in knowledge. Espionage ?
AEIOU Telekinetic macro-scaled amoeba searching for their god. ? ?