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Here are some of my ideas for in game specials. These ideas probably need some more thought and some of them are connected to things that don`t even exist in the game yet. So I am not going to post these to the forum, at least yet. However it is probably good to have these ideas at least here, so that if I would for some reason disappear others might find something usefull from here. Some of these ideas might also have already being suggested by other.

A space monster God

A star system with inhabitants that worship a space monster/creature as an evil God. The monster consumes planetary resources (minerals/food), which the inhabitants provide to it as offerings. This limits the development of the planet/planets in the star system, since providing resources to the monster forces the inhabitants to use almost all of their time to this task, and so most of the time they don`t even have time to produce enough food for themselves. However if the offerings to the monster aren`t big enough the inhabitants are punished by the creature.

When the player/AI destroys the monster and liberates the inhabitants, they join his/her/its empire as a sign of gratitude with an allegiance bonus. The inhabitants also have a bonus in producing minerals or food or both because of their past as slaves to the monster, which has given them the ability to make the most of the resources that are available.

A parasite planet

A planet that has dangerous parasites that attack intellectual biological beings and connect themselves to the brains of their victims. After the connection has being established the parasite removes those brain functions that it finds dangerous to itself, such as personality, emotions etc. This way the parasite gains complete control of the body and is able to use the body to its own purposes. The parasite requires advanced biological hosts to produce enough energy, so that large amounts of new parasites, that contain energy to stay alive for thousands or even millions of years until new hosts arrive, can be produced.

If a parasite planet is colonised by a biological race, that hasn`t got advanced enough medical technology the player will receive a notification about the parasites in a couple of turns after the colonisation. Then a couple of turns after that the player looses control of the parasite planet even though the population of the colony is still intact. If nothing is done to the planet the population slowly decreases to zero as the parasites go through their lifecycle and produce a new generation of parasites that wait for new settlers.

To get rid of these parasites a special technology or/and a certain level of medical technology is required. Also one possibility to get rid of the parasites could perhaps be, to land large amounts of ground troops to the planet and hunt down and kill all the parasites. However if this is a possibility the hunt should probably be quite long and demand numerous victims as going through large areas of the planet`s surface isn`t an easy task.

To get biological species interested in parasite planets these planets should have either a very suitable environment for colonisation or some other significant bonus. This way these worlds would be quite tempting to biological races and so there would be a clear motivation to solve the parasite problem.

Non biological life-forms are not affected by the parasites.

A planet with only a single organism on it (already posted on the forum)

A planet with only a single huge organism on it, which covers almost the entire surface of the planet. This kind of a planet only supports a minimal population, but offers a bonus to (biological) research. There should probably be an option to destroy the organism by planetary bombardment, which would most likely be disapproved by peace loving species and the research bonus that the organism gives you would be lost. These planets should also be quite rare, since if there are too many of them in a galaxy they are no longer that unique.

Powerful Ocean Currents

A planet that has extremely powerful ocean currents capable of moving large pieces of loose material with them. As a result of this, construction work and transportation in the current areas are very difficult and expensive, reducing the amount of population that the planet can have and hampering infrastructure growth. However the enormous amounts of energy that these currents generate can be harvested and used to benefit research and industry.

Affects ocean and possibly terran planets. (Perhaps terran planets could receive a reduced version of the bonuses and penalties that ocean worlds receive?)

Can this be believable phenomena?