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This page provides an overview about what kind of work is available for artists and who is currently working on something. If you are interested in helping, you should be familiar with the Guidelines to Contributing and it is encouraged to post work on the forums, so proper critique and guidance can be provided.

To Do

  • Finish the Tech icons. - forum thread - done?
  • Create Building icons. - forum thread - Redcap
  • Redesign the research screen, including the list view.
  • Overhaul the production screen.
  • Design the combat UI - forum thread
  • Create ship (and alien) concept art, focus on the creation of 1 or 2 entire ship lines. Contact pd for details. - pd
  • Create ship models and respective design screen background plates. This should ideally be done after the concept art. Contact pd for details.
  • Create space combat planet textures(color, bump, citylights). - pd
  • Create space combat background textures(skyboxes). - pd
  • Create all kinds of combat assets
  • Add more gaseous texture sets for the galaxy map. A set should have different textures varying in detail and density, but mostly homogeneous in color. Check out the example sets.
  • Explore how habitability overlay, focus selection overlay and resource/output development prediction could be shown. Review the entire thread and present all useful ideas in a compact way. Come up with more overlays and/or improve those suggested, if possible. - forum thread
  • Explore a possible UI for those "information overlays".
  • Update Tech icons page to hold latest ship category techs.
  • Create a variety of mouse cursor textures. Currently FO has no mouseover feedback in the form of cursor changes for things like whether something is selectable or clickable or what result would happen if something was clicked. Standard UIs often have special cursors to indicate things like that the cursor is over the part of a window border that can be used to resize the window. Similarly, if we had a cursor to indicate that clicking would order a fleet to move to a system, we could change the UI so that right clicking always cancels and left clicking on a system while a fleet is selected orders the fleet to move, rather than the current right-click to order a move while right-clicking most other times cancels whatever popup window is open, which can be a bit confusing.
  • explore the SitRep UI