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Quoted from Tyreth

Anything we receive will be used for hosting payments foremost, and later on any other needs we may grow into - new hardware (server), software (art), etc.

Check it out. But from a glance it looks like it accepts: US, Canadian, Euros, Pounds Sterling, and Yen.

Quoted from Aquitaine

Due to our hosting requirements (ya'll are a talky lot), we have to pay every month for commercial hosting. These costs will only go up as FreeOrion evolves. As we speak, poor, pitiable Miu and tzlaine are hard at work, MAKING THE GAME FOR YOU, where they live, outside, in a Siberian Yurt.

These costs are currently being borne by members of the dev team. Please, the next time you go to buy cigarettes or a six pack, think of poor, shivering tzlaine and Miu, and their yurt.


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