fixed a couple production queue display bugs

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fixed a couple production queue display bugs

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The first of these has been mentioned by various people before, but I couldn't locate one of those threads so I decided to note these fixes in a new post. It had been that if an item needed no additional PP to complete on the next turn, it would be shown dimmed as if not in progress. This could happen if, say, you had a colony die from an effect like a concentration camp and now all of a sudden the colony ship you were building already has more PP than it needs, like I set up for the screenshot below:
prodq1.png (17.06 KiB) Viewed 1748 times
Numerous folks have rightly complained that if the thing is completing next turn it should not be dimmed, and that's now fixed:
prodq2.png (17.07 KiB) Viewed 1748 times
Also, there was a more subtle display bug that would sometimes cause the estimated times for completion to be longer than they should have been; that is now fixed as well.
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