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World Type- Irradiated
(planet bound)
Name- Vaultien
Summary – Looks like a zombie, thinks like a zombie, cannibalistic like a zombie, contagious like a zombie…
Physiology and Psychology – The Vaultine themselves are giant subterranean centipedes, however, they infect living beings with a virus that attacks their mind and body but give them radiation immunity. The infected become thralls of the Vaultine and protect them, wander the surface.
Social Structure – None. Giant subterranean centipedes and a surface of diseased wandering monsters.

Homeworld – Aeilland

History – The Aeillanders where a noble and kind people. From what can be reconstructed of their history a nuclear accident lead to the mutation of a local insect species zaranderi amanada into the Vaultine. The Vaultine began infecting the hominoid Aeillanders, the Aeillanders lost the apocalyptic war to the evil mindless zombie hordes.

Race Attributes – Weak, non-sentient, and not self aware the Vaultine rely on the zombiefied Aeillanders for protection. These guards are capable of reproduction, are very violent, but not intelligent enough to use the remnants of their cold-war era technology.

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