Add "dynamic galaxy" option

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Add "dynamic galaxy" option

#1 Post by afwbkbc » Wed Mar 22, 2017 9:59 am

When disabled: everything will be the same as is now
When enabled: every star will have 'speed-direction' vector assigned to it.

Every turn every star will move a little bit in its direction.

Its direction may change a tiny bit, either randomly (simpler) or by accounting for gravity of nearby stars (more complex to implement but realistic).

Lane may disappear if being crossed by another star or shorter lane upon moving. Ships already on lane will be able to reach their destination.
New lane may appear if another star comes close enough
Star proximity effects happen when stars are closer than 10IU
- population of every planet is reduced by 10% or 2 (whatever is larger) every turn
- for every planet there's small chance of being turned into asteroids (only exobots and outposts survive in this case)
- all lanes to both stars disappear
Star collision happens if two stars came really close (less than 1IU)
- all life and outposts destroyed
- all fleets destroyed
- every planet does one or several of following (randomly):
1) changes type to any other (randomly chosen)
2) turns into asteroids or gas giant
3) changes size randomly
4) is destroyed completely (disappears)
5) new random planets may be created
- sometimes stars are merged into one:
-- all remaining planets are assigned to resulting star
-- resulting star type depends on most 'aggressive' type of two - it gets next (more agressive) type of these
--- 'agressiveness' order : yellow -> red -> white -> blue -> neutron -> black hole
--- two black holes will become one black hole
- resulting 'speed-direction' vector = sum of previous vectors of two stars
- 'plasma storm' occurs with radius of 100IU, reducing population of every planet by 75%

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