Species Attribute Space Combat

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Species Attribute Space Combat

#1 Post by Adamant » Wed Jan 15, 2014 10:05 pm

Actually these Atributes are rather tight while there are plenty of Species which appear
by Stat rather similar. I watched out for other Atributes and found missing suited other
Game Dimensions for that Need. As I dont care what Image is mapped to Species I
see there Stats instead and in that Aspect are all respectable good Stat-Combinations
already utilized multiple Times resp there exist small OptionSpace to find a unique
reasonable Setting. The only Thing found that is supported well enough is Space
Combat resp SpaceFlight from Pilots. So can happily present another Stat-Type
while still asking for more.... eg Trade is not same Level resp a minor Feature of
the Game simple recognizable by the Menus as there is no Trade-Menu but a Fleet
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Re: Species Attribute Space Combat

#2 Post by Dilvish » Thu Jan 16, 2014 2:47 am

You can modify your own content to have more species if you so prefer. The pertinent file is default/species.txt
Besides the standard main attributes, additional Effects can be coded for species; there are some examples in that file (see Acirema, for instance). The FO scripting language is fairly well explained at http://www.freeorion.org/index.php/Effects, though I'm afraid that is not quite 100% up to date. There are even additional suitable icons already available in default/data/art/icons/species
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