moo3: what's the word?

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Re: moo3: what's the word?

#16 Post by Henara »

Moo3 = best I have played yet!

I really hated it when it was released, with some patches + mods it is just great.

But: I don't get a "connection" with the different races like i did in Moo2, and i really really hat the combat screen, it causes eye-cancer.
Therefore I'm kinda saturated.

I just took a look on sword of the stars, watched a lot of vids and read a little, but I got no overview.
To me it looks like a very simple version of Moo3 - though i didn't play it yet.

I'm in search of a substitute to Moo3, something as complex, but with nicer looks and a combat system which is at least any good to watch. (I want to have control about almost everything; i want to specialize my research, my ships... - NOT only moving a few sliders!)

Any suggestions? (Maybe some not so "good" games have great mods?)

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Re: moo3: what's the word?

#17 Post by EmP »

I have to disagree with Alabaster Paladin about replayability, I've played MoO 2 by almost two orders of magnitude more times than MoO 3 so MoO 2 has higher replay value for me than MoO 3. I've played MoO 3 as a game separate from MoO serial and there are things that simply make game less fun. Game is incomplete. Period. I don't want a game where each click on end turn button results in 2-5 minutes freeze on ground combat phase. And also I'd like to have some control over colonies, if I ordered to change mining DEA with research, I expect it to happen within 50 turns (think it was bug because only few colonies had that issue), if I want to decrease count of industry DEAs and increase count of research DEAa, it would be nice to have some way of doing that on some larger scale.

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Re: moo3: what's the word?

#18 Post by Henara »

Well for me Moo3 is "better" than Moo2 because i can do much more in a much more complex world. I got more control over little details (if i want to micro everything) and therefore can specialize a lot.
For Moo2 - it is just to "short" for me, although the atmosphere is better in Moo2.

Best experience yet was a game of Moo3 with mods/patches over LAN with 2 mates - just great.

A friend of mine today told me that he also thought about Moo3 again and it seems like we will again kill our eyes with Moo3

I installed "MUU_BaA_v0.999", which is quite nice. But one thing really annoys me: colony ships are not available from start, which makes expansion kinda "random".
How can i deactivate that? Or is there a similar mod without that feature?

Anyone still playing Moo3: please tell me which mods are the latest/best and where i can get them.

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Re: moo3: what's the word?

#19 Post by Max Zorin »

This is my first post and I wanted to throw in my two credits here. Since the DOS game Andromeda Quest and RFTS, I have been hooked on (4X) space games . And my search goes on.

MOO3 has a pretty steep playing curve and is not easiest if you just jump in like I do when I get a new game. There can be a lot of micro managing, IF you want. Yes, even boring, at times. You can go several turns with nothing happening. Just remember this is a turn based 4X that tries to manage almost everything involved from starting your empire as a single planet to conquering a galaxy.

I had to play a few times before getting a grasp on what was important to me and then focusing on that. Stopping to read the manual (thanks Alabaster Paladin), browsing boards to find out "how to" and what others are doing. Putting the 1.2.5 patch on and modding to the "flavor" of my choice (like skdiw said). I am to the point where the only real micro management is in new planet build queues, spies (yuck) and ship design. The ship design is a high point (for me). Building that fleet and testing in battle to see how it stands up. The combat is descent if you use your imagination for the lack of graphics. Ever played Panzer Blitz or any other combat board game or even D&D?

It is a unfinished game for sure (Skaro) and the MP crashes really suck. I always thought they (Atari?) should remake this game in a modern, stable version. If you do pick it up, the 2 disk box set is the best to get. I haven't tried the MUU_BaA_v0.999 mod.

Playing the single player game is OK but a (LAN or online) MP game is really a blast for me. I still play MOO3 but need to really be in the mood for a long term game. MOO3 is up there in my top games (patched and modded).
Give me another clip!

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