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The Jingoians are very human-like. They epitomize the Arian ideal, light skinned with blonde hair permanently fashioned into a flat-top, square jaw lines, and muscular physiques. They believe themselves to be the master race and consequently, no one likes them. They are incredibly poor negotiators and lack virtually any spying abilities. They reproduce very slowly because their courtship rituals severely limit any sexual expression, not to mention all the paperwork!

Adaptability is a foreign idea to the Jingoians. They prefer to make the worlds they capture fit themselves rather than the other way round. They are very persistent though, and dedicate themselves to that task, no matter how long it takes. They possess good organizational skills and excel at heavy industry.

When it comes to battle, they are virtually unmatched. War is their favorite past time, but with so much societal emphasis on physical prowess, their mental faculties leave something to be desired. Furthermore, because so much of their society is based on pseudo-science, they are forced to rely heavily on captured technology.

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