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#61 Post by LithiumMongoose »

RON!! <pounce>

I'd welcome you back but you're nothing without your black mage gif working. :p

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#62 Post by space_is_the_place »


Escape Velocity (1,2) fan, Vegastrike fan, Spaceward Ho fan and I got MoO 2 addicted only one night. The CD was lost and Machines evolved ( OS 7 - 8 - 9 OS X ) and I couldn't play anymore.

Until one day...

Today !

Thanks to these masters of Orion overhere...

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New Guy

#63 Post by montemj »

Virginia, USA
Looking to help in anyway possible.

4 weeks away from a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

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#64 Post by Mayito777 »

42/M/Florida/USA Scifi fun, betatester and love to help in anyway possible.

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#65 Post by Takumi »

22/M/South Africa, Potchefstroom @ the moment

Been a devoted follower of MOO.. untill MOO3.. Thought about killing the whole MOO3 team for making all the promises and finally when the game came out didn't produce the great results I was waiting for..

But I forgave them and threw away my MOO3 game..

A friend of mine told me about FO..

I'm really really really really amazed at your work!!

Thumbs up to all the FO staff people.. you guys and gals are doing a super great job!!

Honto, arigatou gosimasu!
(really thank you very much!)

I'll keep my eyes on the FO project!

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#66 Post by LithiumMongoose »

You're in Africa, and you speak English *and* Japanese... nice. :)

Btw, does your great amazement and thumbs up extend to the audio department? Just curious; I can't seem to get comments on my stuff anymore except from Geoff. :p

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Re: introducing ourselves

#67 Post by ghent96 »

29/m/Kansas, Biochem major, pharmacy school, married w/ dog.

yeah the music is pretty good for FO, so far. Very moo2-ish in its ambiance, but seems very original and well composed so far. At least I haven't heard anything like it or that it's been borrowed from.

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Re: introducing ourselves

#68 Post by Redeye »

I'm Cam.
I'm from Melbourne Australia.
I've downloaded the subversion tree and i'm reading the codebase.
I've signed up for the mailing lists.
I build using MSVC.
Hopefully I can contribute something useful

There's way too much stuff on the forums for my pea brain to digest.

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Re: introducing ourselves

#69 Post by Robbie.Price »

Goodmorning all;

I'm Robbie, 22 m Ottawa Canada 'although right now i am in France for work reasons for a year' so if i post at 5 in the morning, really it's probably mid afternoon for me.

I'm a Physicist by trade, and an RPG and 4x gamer by pass time.

I've contributed a small number of ideas recently to the project *and am about to add another* and hoping to start playing with the code, sometime in the next 0 - 9 months.

I am an ideas guy, and a methods man, but GUI's drive me up the wall so i won't have any part in them :-D, but aside from GUI's When i get myself installed and ready to roll i'll take pritty much any coding task.

Best wishes all.

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Re: introducing ourselves

#70 Post by Maz »

Hi dee Ho peeps!

I'm (still) under 30 guy from Finland.
Started studying physics at the University of Oulu at 1999. Got drawn in a research project studying cosmic rays in Pyhäjärvi mine. Did some cpp programs in there for about 2 years. Now been on NSN (former Nokia Networks) for 1,5 years writing code for WCDMA BTS in C. Father of two young boys (1,5 months and 2,5 years old).

Well, perhaps the work and kiddos are the reason why my studies are on hold.. It's hard to concentrate on reading physics while one kiddo is hanging on your leg, and the other laying on your lap demanding for milk :p But hey, I wouldn't switch it to any degree.

I simply loved MOO1, but was a bit disappointed about 2 and 3. However I do appreciate this kind of projects. I hope I'll find the time to contribute :)

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Re: introducing ourselves

#71 Post by wiggl »


25/M/German & Swedish/ living all over europe...

BIG fan of the MoO series except no3 which was a disastro!
also the civ series, SMAC as well as the BotF (Birth of the Federation)...

hope I can give some input on this project, definitely seems promising!


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Re: introducing ourselves

#72 Post by heng_di »

35/M Programmer/Musician

Usually work on very boring evolutionary language technologies in LISP.

Keen to work on AI using Python, possibly act as packager for Ubuntu Linux.

May be able to translate into Mandarin Chinese.

Like many here, loved the originals (well the first 2 anyway)

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Re: introducing ourselves

#73 Post by Flatline »

Hi everybody!

I'm a 24 years old control engineer (almost). I live in Italy (Rome), but for the next few months I'll be in Oxford, writing my master degree thesis at the EFDA-JET facility.

I was interested in your project since the beginning (I can remember the posts on the MoO3 forum stating the beginning of this project due to the awfulness of that game :) ), but after a while I lost interest, mostly due to the (hard!) university life :) A few days ago I stumbled across the site and decided to take a look at the progress and.. oh my! You've gone really far :) The game UI is simply beautiful (a little slow even on my centrino duo, but it can only get better :) ), and the ideas behind are really interesting.

So I'd really like to help you. Consider that my student background isn't really centered on "real C++ programming" (after all I'm a control engineer not an informatic :P), but I programmed quite a lot in Matlab, and during my project at JET I had to write some C++, but mostly I worked at a "low level" (Linux RTAI and so on). What I mean is: "I'm really not an advanced programmer, but I think I can learn" :)

Unfortunately I don't know how much free time I'll have (at lest until may), so I won't be able to do any serious programming work, but I'd like to start looking at the code anyway, just to understand what are we talking about ;) Is there any doc that shows the "big picture" of the project, the organization of the classes, and so on?

Keep on the good work!!
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Re: introducing ourselves

#74 Post by Oliver U »

I've long been thinking about starting a project like this, and was very surprised to find you all! This is all I could ever have imagined it to be, the progresse you've made impresses me greatly. Let me introduce myself:

I'm a very active computer science student at the Institute of Technology of Linköping University (Sweden). I have many hobbies, most of which are amateur art projects of different sorts. I enjoy life at most when I have things to do, but some spare time, and many friends to spend that spare time with.

I'm a freshman at the uni, and having studied about 6 months so far. I moved here from another town, and I've managed to make a large amount of friends and contacts by engaging in many sorts of activities. A "festeri" that arranges banquets and parties being one, a "spex" (comedy interactive theatre/musical) being another. I'm also a member of our section's studienämnd, an organ that evaluates courses and makes sure they're improved on for the next year's students. As if that weren't enough, I am also one of our section's "arbetsmiljöombudsmän", meaning I take any complaints the other students have about the environment, locale, physical/emotional climate, etc, and make sure something gets done about it.

Obviously, that along with my studies doesn't leave much room for working on open source projects! However, summer is coming along and will bring with it total relief from all of the above mentioned duties. After summer, I will not discontinue my work in the spex and studienämnd, leaving me with time to work on any other project I feel like. I wish to be a great asset to you, and hope to enjoy your company as much as the final product I we'll deliver to the world.

Hi, my name is Oliver. I'm twenty years old and live in Sweden.

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Re: introducing ourselves

#75 Post by Holy_bricklayer »

Hi everyone,

so here is a little presentation, i'm french ( i always start with that, hoping you won't be to annoyed by the mistake i'll do in that post ^^ ), 28 years old, graphist, fan of strategy game and very impressed by your work !

I didn't try the game for now, i'm a beginner in all that concern compiling and all, but i'll take time to try that soon.
Those screenshot are very impressive, and what i can read on that wiki and forum too.

I present myself here, cause maybe i could help you in that project, well not tomorrow ( obviously it would be better if i could play the game before participating ^^ ), but i can make some pics for you in a close future. Landscape for exemple, i'm not so good at concept design for ships, but i can work on a 3D model to give it some texture and personality.
I won't be able to work constantly on it ( cause i need to have some income too ^^ ), but i can take some times to help regularly and make some "ambient" pics to illustrate the game.

Here is some of my work, which could show you what i've done in science fiction : ... ftefg6.jpg ... errhn3.jpg

All those pics have been made with Gimp, this is speed painting so don't be surprise if you feel they're not finished :)

Well i don't want to annoy you too much, and it's more a first contact, maybe you don't even need more graphists ( i didn't read all the topics, and the wiki insist more on icon and background so ).

But let me just say again that your project's really impressive, i wish all the best :)

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