Pleasurebots (work in progress)

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Pleasurebots (work in progress)

#1 Post by xXxBo$$Pr0xXx666 » Thu Sep 24, 2015 1:50 pm

only on ocean planets.

These are sexbots with no one to sex(just like you m8).
they are living on solar powered floating islands, each with a different theme. they are capable of maintaining and repairing the islands.
they are levitating balls (1.5m in diameter) with a lot of robotic arms which are meant to pleasure any species.
somewhere on the biggest island there's a being in cryogenic sleep.

no research
no industry
0.10 population
+4 supply

Cannot colonize or produce ships

if you have a telepathic race you can communicate with the being and it reveals it was planning to make this a remote expensive pleasure planet where robots would be on call 24/7. In it's greed it salvaged it's ships to make more and more islands, being sure that once it was ready it will be rich (and get real girls, not robots). Near completion an electromagnetic storm caused all radio signals to be blocked and it couldn't communicate with the home planet. Thousands of years have passed, the signal was getting through for a long time, but nobody was answering. Surely his race must have succumbed to one of their many vices.
The being shares with your empire the pleasurebot technology and thus every new colony will have a +1 happiness bonus.

"maybe once you have cyborg or pure energy metabolism you can make it young and the pleasurebots become a new race"
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