Banforo (Extinct Species)

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Banforo (Extinct Species)

#1 Post by Sloth » Wed Jul 01, 2015 11:21 am

Note: This species was designed for the Ancient Ruins feature discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=6570


Cute, sedulous star gazers.

A Banfo looks like a teddy bear made of white stone with two large black crystal eyes. It's likely that the Banforo species was artificially created, but information that could show proof was lost in history. The eyes are their most important organs, not only do they serve for perception, but also for communication by showing light patterns around their frames. Banforo can distinguish colors and patterns of even very dim light, as well as focus on light sources far away. Very bright light on the other hand is very hard on their eyes and disturbs their communication. Thus the evening is the favorite time for the Banforo and a defining ritual of their civilization is collectively gazing at the stars once the sun has set.

Social Structure:
The Banforo are very social towards each other and share strong bonds. Ressources are always shared and private ownership doesn't exist for goods with material value. The form of government can be called communistic.

Reason for Extinction:
It hasn't been sufficiently clarified, but scientists suspect that a cosmic event made the environment unbearable for the Banforo for a time so long that their numbers were dwindling to ultimately zero.

Species traits:
Lithic metabolism
Barren standard EP
Average Research
Good Industry
Average Population
Average Supply
Average Ground Troops
Ultimate Detection
Good Stealth

Light sensitive: The Banforo suffer when their local star is too bright. Population changes:
Blue Star: Tiny -2 , Small -4 , Medium -6 , Large -8 , Huge -10. (and maybe a happiness penalty)
White Star: Tiny -1 , Small -2 , Medium -3 , Large -4 , Huge -5. (and maybe a happiness penalty)
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