Misiorla (Extinct Species)

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Misiorla (Extinct Species)

#1 Post by Sloth » Thu Jun 25, 2015 6:53 pm

Note: This species was designed for the Ancient Ruins feature discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=6570


Chaotic, liberal, born pilots.

A Misiorla is a mollusc with four flexible tentacles and two pairs of four eyes each. Perfectly adapted to their homeworld they were able to swim through seas of acid fluids and float through clouds of thick heavy mists. They were considered to be a fairly mediocre species, barely worth the uplift they were given by a friendly civilization, neither smart nor productive and not talented in any way. That quickly changed when the first Misiorla were given control of a space ship. Word spread like a wildfire through the galaxy about the best combat pilots in the universe. The first Misiorla mercenaries were hired to pilote fighters, the next were given command of cruisers, but their full potential was realized when an outdated battleship manned with only Misiorla single-handily wiped out the whole space fleet of a far superior empire.

Social Structure:
The whole life of Misiorlas is wrapped around piloting space vessels. Piloting is their job, it's their sport, it's their love. The society is totaly dependend on other species because they become lethargic and unorganized when doing anything else. Misiorlas can be hired by almost anyone who offers something interesting to fly and the fuel to do so.

Reason for Extinction:
At one point in history the Final Ones, one of the Precursor civilizations, decided that the Misiorla could be threat to their ultimate goal.

Species traits:
Organic metabolism
Toxic standard EP
Bad Research
Bad Industry
Bad Population
Bad Supply
Bad Ground Troops
Ultimate Weapons
Bad Detection
Bad Stealth
Bad Fuel (-1 to max fuel of every ship)
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