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Note: English is not my natural language, specially texts like this :). Please, if something is said wrong or can be said better tell me so I can improve description.


Executive Summary:
Hard working race, artificially created in purpose of work and fight.

+ production
+ ground combat
- population growth
- no research

Adult Kuravos vary in size from 1m to 5m. Body is on outside similar to humanoid, but with different internal organs.
Unique and distinguished head capable of hearing, smelling, tasting and seeing, 6 arms (three on each side) with four fingers (x formation),elongated body to accommodate 6 hands, two legs.
Simple and effective regenerative body allows them to have almost unlimited lifespan. Practically they do not die of old age.
There are 3 genders of Kuravos: 1. kulni - small sized cca 1 m in hight, originally created as house slaves. 2. ralni - they are bigger and stronger, created as working force 3. volni - bigger and stronger than ralni, but very slow and expensive to build.

They are very slow to learn new abilities and created with basic knowledge of all works they can encounter in life on homeworld planet. Intelligent like 4 years old human, with strong urge to work Kuravo never stop working and producing. Only work makes them happy and it is their only purpose of life. Interaction between Kuravos is only work related and they have no social life at all.

Terran world.

Created to be workers/slaves for unknown humanoid race, they out lived them and slowly conquered their homeworld. They are not aware their masters are not longer with them, or maybe they are just acting like it, not wanting to stop working and admit their work is futile. All the planet is kept in perfect shape, all houses are maintained and cleaned, productions are going, warehouses are full of all sort of goods and excess is recycled...
Kuravos are produced at production plant that is thanks to their maintenance work still operational. When their population reached the point that all the food they produce is eaten by them, they start to fight for food and some of them die from hunger or malnutrition. Delivery workers are still bringing some food to houses for masters, but kulni's are eating it.
Currently Kuravos are produced at ratio 1 kulni, 5 ralni and 0 volni (with little knowledge this ratio can be easily changed and production increased) suggesting there were no war at time their masters disappeared. Since volni are not produced their number is not big, because of size and expertise almost all of them survived hunger to present day. From start up designed body for military, plus countless years of hard work training made volni one of the best ground fighter in galaxy.

Reason for staying:
Recreating their production plant is beyond current technical capabilities of any known race.

Note: they can be 'exported' from homeworld and (if possible) owner of their homeworld could receive some production/military bonus?

Note II: Masters left them fully operational planetary shield that makes planet impossible to bombard, conquer is possible only with ground invasion (extremely difficult).

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