Narrlex & Umma

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Narrlex & Umma

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World Type- Ocean
Name- Narrlex & Umma
Oneliner – A slave-cast of lobstermen that serve giant psychic jellyfish.
Physiology and Psychology– The Narrlex are simple-minded crustacean-hominoids. Though stupid and naturally docile they have four intricate 9-fingered hands and a very durable exoskeleton. They stand about four foot high with six legs and a wide flat tail. The Umma are telepathic race of giant jellyfish capable of producing massive electrical currents. The center mass of the Umma is about nine foot in height and three in width. The Umma usually have 250 tentacles with the longest ones being 160 feet in length.
Social Structure - The Umma collective hive-mind telepathically rules over the Narrlex. Their cities and ships are powered by the electrical currents they produce, which the Narrlex are immune to.

Homeworld – Both species evolved on the cold water planet of Ummini IV.

History & reason for leaving the home planet - The Umma are logical and emotionless and saw no reason to expand from the waters of their homeworld of Ummini IV. However, an asteroid struck Ummini IV and introduced a micro-organism that nearly whipped out the Umma. Their reduced numbers were unable to control the Narrlex who for the first time began thinking for themselves. The Narrlex alone could not operate the fantastical cities they built under control of the Umma and Umma lack the strength and dexterity to run their technology without the Narrlex. After 300 years of chaos the Umma’s numbers are large enough that they have regained control of their planet and have set out on a quest to prevent such a disaster from ever happening again, by ruthlessly destroying any and all “alien” life in the galaxy.

Race Attributes – The extremely tough Narrlex enters battle with advanced technology and four arms to manipulate it with. The Umma can cause painful headaches in some opponents, blast them with electricity, and short-out technology. However, if the Umma dies the army it leads becomes lost and confused or the ship would be rendered powerless. The Umma can communicate with each other over great distances but need to be close to the Narrlex to control them.

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